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Welcome to the 26th edition of Stuffed. With the uplifting news that the end of lockdown is in sight, our dreams of returning to Goodstuff HQ and reuniting with our lovely Goodstuffers may soon come true. The week’s good news continues as we can proudly announce that we were named the third fastest-growing international sales mid-market private company in the 12th annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200. A testament to our Goodstuffers!

In this week’s Stuffed, we have a solution to the 74.4ft of smartphone scrolling Brits do each day, we see the arrival of a new competitor to the streaming wars, and the world’s attention is fixed to an out-of-this-world media first. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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A tweeting robot sent from Earth to solve the mystery of whether there is life on Mars. No, this isn’t the voiceover to a 90s sci-fi film trailer, but the story of the Mars Rover Perseverance which landed on the red planet to much fanfare last Thursday. Whilst it isn’t the first vehicle to touch down there, it is the first to capture and share real time footage and audio, sharing its captivating content to us Earthlings via Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. To infinity, and beyond!

The Australian government’s feud with Facebook and Google took another turn in the last week. In response to potential new legislation forcing tech giants to pay news organisations, Facebook decided to restrict the sharing and posting of news links from Australian publications. However, in doing this they also prevented the sharing of essential health and safety information, once again managing to piss off the entire world and prompting the Aussie PM to declare them “arrogant” and “disappointing”… albeit through his Facebook page. Fortunately, the pair look to be back on speaking terms now, as reviewed in this useful summary by the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones.

Paramount Pictures have announced they will be joining the streaming wars by launching Paramount Plus towards the start of March. It’s an increasingly bloated and competitive market with multiple entertainment behemoths vying for subscribers so its likely that users will become increasingly selective over which services they keep and which they get rid of, as summarised brilliantly in this recent Twitter thread from Matthew Ball. Whether or not Paramount will have enough to steal a share of the pie remains to be seen, but it’s undoubtedly another kick in the imaginary nuts for a cinema industry still reeling from the impact of the pandemic.s


Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

To combat 74.4ft of doom-scrolling the average Brit does each day, Visit Iceland have created By swapping bad news for soothing, mood-boosting images and sounds from the island, the website lets you scroll through 22 metres of joy and hope. Ahhh…

Now that’s what you call a treasure hunt

A blast from the past, but back in 1983 Cadbury’s ran the Creme Egg ‘Conundrum’. Hiding 13 gold Garrard-created eggs around the UK, the hunt gripped the nation and is the experiential gift that keeps giving: the 13th egg just sold for a whopping £31,000.

VWww. are cracking the carbon code

To commit to carbon neutrality, Volkswagen Canada have created the first ultra-low emissions website for their ID range. Yup, even browsing the internet has a carbon footprint, but by using coded images VW are aiming to make marketing the ID as clean as the cars.

LinkedIn’s livelihood for social good

The Big Issue have gone virtual with their new partnership with LinkedIn. The new campaign helped nine vendors gain knowledge and business expertise to sell their magazines through LinkedIn. A great campaign that fights for those who are unjustly affected by the lockdown.


Move over Music, Gaming is now the Gen Z powerhouse 
We’re in a midst of a cultural shift, as music venues were once the places for youth movements, we now see Gen Z take to the online community of gaming. Benefiting from this is the streaming platform Twitch, which has seen a 134% increase in monthly unique users during lockdown (Twitch Q1-Q 2020 internal data) – many being from a Gen Z audience.

The IAB published a report breaking down the key gaming categories (In-Game, Around Game and Away from the game) and recognises the scale and unique data points on users. We’re starting to see established media owners offering new products centered on gaming advertising and new players to the market that can offer an immersive experience for brands. Of course, where opportunities arise, there are going to be questions about the effectiveness and brand safety, both of which are at the heart of our campaign planning, so we will be watching this space closely.

An OOH execution that is truly out of this world!
Last Thursday we witnessed a spectacular media first for the UK Out of Home market. The dramatic landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars was live-streamed for 60 minutes on the iconic Piccadilly Lights, made possible from the partnership between NASA and Landsec with outdoor screen operator Ocean Outdoor.

Director of Ocean Labs, Catherine Morgan, said: “Large format digital out of home is a world class platform for sharing moments of international importance and achievement. A live broadcast on this scale has never been achieved on the Piccadilly Lights until now. Our collaboration with NASA and Landsec showcases to superb effect how brands can use the new live streaming feature in the patchwork as well as the full screen.” More of this please, NASA!

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