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Welcome to the 29th Edition of Stuffed. Can you believe that this week marks a year since Boris Johnson told us to work from home where possible?! We swapped our ironed shirts and packed train commutes for jogging bottoms and daily outings to the living room. Here we are a year on and loungewear is a wardrobe staple and time off means a trip to casa del sofa. Quiz fatigue may well have got the best of us, but it certainly makes you think how far we’ve all come in striving to be more connected during tough times. It also makes us all the more excited for the in-person reunions that will (hopefully) soon take place!

In this week’s Stuffed, the ASA gives Influencers a warning, a pet brand brings to life the superpowers of small dogs, and we look at the growing momentum of Connected TV. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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In the wake of a rising number of influencers not disclosing advertised products and marketing (only 35% were clearly labelled and identifiable), the Advertising Standards Authority has written to a number of brands and individual social media influencers, warning them it will take enforcement action if they continue failing to disclose advertising. ISBA director general Phil Smith commented saying “Non-compliance is clearly unacceptable”. Without clearly disclosing an advert and being fully transparent, trust of the industry and the brands start to erode.

Sticking with the theme of brand safety, we’ve also seen this week that TikTok has expanded its partnership with brand safety platform OpenSlate. Previously just operating in the US, the platform is now opening it up in Australia, Canada and the UK to help alleviate advertiser’s concerns and to instead, embrace the platform.

This week we’ve also seen ‘Now TV’ undergo something of a makeover. The Sky owned streaming platform has rebranded as ‘Now’ and has a slick new logo. We love it! The rebrand goes hand in hand with the platform’s new contract-free ‘Now’ Memberships (previously called Passes) that offer much more flexibility for consumers. To promote the new look, the rebrand will be supported by a nationwide ATL campaign, and will run across TV, digital and OOH, as well as through partnership with Hearst and Global. Sign us up!


House of Lapland’s bid to Save Salla

Salla is the coldest place in Finland, yet still faces the perils of climate change. To dramatise the impact of rapidly melting ice the local tourism board has launched a spoof bid to host the 2032 summer Olympic games, featuring a humorous film with a very serious message.

An audio first to launch the last IKEA catalogue

Delivering on their promise to stop printing catalogues, IKEA has launched their last ever edition as a 13 chapter podcast – ‘The IKEA Audio Catalog.’ In a bold move, the Swedish home style brand features exclusively audio descriptions of its products in 10-13 minute episodes, hear them here.

Real Madrid’s meat cheat with Meatless Farms

One of the most globally renowned football clubs has just unveiled an unlikely brand partner in Meatless Farms – a plant based food producer who’s cultivating athletic associations to dispel myths with meatless products and perceived lack of protein.

Pedigree (super) heroes small dogs

In a tribute to the scrappy spirit of petite pooches, the brand created their own downloadable online comic ‘The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs’ to launch Pedigree Small Dogs, a new specialist product. The campaign is integrated with ATL advertising and is inspired by ‘the super-powers they think they have.’


The ever-growing momentum of Connected TV
Connected TV (CTV) has been gaining momentum within the UK for the best part of 2 years and according to a recent study conducted by Unruly, 82% of the UK have access to CTV through at least one device. CTV is particularly interesting to marketers because of its ability to transform the last bastion of above-the-line advertising spend – TV – into a hugely measurable and addressable channel. TV has been around for donkey’s years and with digital ever-growing, this hybrid of both channels provides the opportunity to really connect brands with their audiences in a more relevant and contextual way.

With Britons at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, they’re streaming more content and turning to Connected TV for its quality and convenience. By understanding the growing power and influence of CTV, UK marketers stand to win greater campaign engagement, more conversions, and higher ROI from their messaging.

Clear Channel and JCDecaux research collaboration demonstrates a fast return for reach in OOH
Last week saw the release of ‘A Spring into Renaissance’, a collaborative research piece from Clear Channel and JCDecaux that demonstrates a faster than expected return for reach in OOH over the coming months. Through analysis of a years’ worth of Out of Home mobility data, it’s now possible to accurately predict audience delivery and reach across the UK’s staged roadmap for an average roadside campaign vs pre-Covid campaign delivery measured by Route.

Analysis of the data shows audience reach for an average roadside campaign is now predicted to be back to 100% of pre-Covid levels by May 17th, delivering the same percentage of unique individuals that see an OOH ad during a campaign, as before the pandemic. It’s no surprise then that we’re seeing increased demand for OOH in Q2 to mirror these recent findings and the clear view of consumers’ wanting to spend more time socialising, shopping and travelling as restrictions are eased.

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