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In this week’s Stuffed, Cannes Lions makes a U-turn, Britain Get Talking campaign makes a return with Mo Farah and Google makes hotel booking links free for all. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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Shockwaves were sent through Adland back in January when Cannes Lions festival organisers confirmed this summer’s festival would go ahead in-person. However, this week we’ve seen a U-turn on this decision as Cannes Lions confirmed the festival will instead be a fully digital experience in June, with attendance restricted to those holding a Lions membership subscription. Online or offline, we’re still excited to see the creative talent shine through at the awards this summer. Will 2022 finally be the year we can all hang out down in the French Riviera? Fingers crossed…

Whilst a trip to the South of France might be off the cards this summer, perhaps sipping on a hard seltzer in your back garden could be a reality instead, as White Claw’s CMO revealed their first global attack strategy this week off the back of the launch of their ‘Let’s White Claw’ campaign. Showing mass brand growth in the States over the past couple of years it’ll be interesting to see whether the hard seltzer market will thrive over here. White Claw will be hoping they can avoid the same fate as other alcoholic US niches like light beer, which never quite took off in the UK.

Something more open to interpretation is the relationship between offline and online media in the modern day. Luckily, Joel Livesey of The Trade Desk is on hand to help as he put together a brilliant thought piece for Mediatel on why the combination of mobile and programmatic Out-of-Home could be the perfect combination for advertisers. He suggests that the flexibility coupled with the audience and data capabilities of both mobile and pr-OOH could be a golden ticket to a successful campaign. It’s a great read if you’ve got 5 minutes spare.


ITV urged Britain to Get Talking, not texting

The broadcaster’s on-going mental health campaign interrupted another prime-time ITV show last weekend, this time hijacking Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night takeaway. The pair conducted an interview with Mo Farah over mobile messaging to demonstrate the importance of real-life facetime and conversation above texting to benefit mental health.

Colman’s local ads really cut the mustard

To show their support for local businesses during tough times, Colman’s launched their ‘Local Legends’ campaign, promoting 150 small food businesses via their local OOH sites across the UK. The tailored ads ran in over 600 highly localised sites to get the public back to buying local.

Stella Artois tips their hat off to bar staff

The nation is fizzing with excitement as pubs across the UK prepare to reopen from Monday. With punters ready to order the first round, Stella is giving generously to those who pull our pints. For every pint of Stella bought, a £1 tip goes straight into the bar staff’s pocket.

Castle Lite creates temperature tracking posters

With the cost of electricity soaring across Africa, shops are turning off their fridges to save money. Enter beer brand Castle Lite who installed 3G powered temperature trackers into 212 retailer’s fridges, to use live DOOH advertising to direct thirsty beer buyers to the coldest Castles.


ITV continues to stamp its authority in the UK Market
ITV’s presence in the FTSE 250 speaks for itself, it’s the largest UK sales house. But what does this mean? ITV has strong pull-power and quote the saying: “have more money to play with”. They can continue to invest in their best performing programming such as Love Island (there’s no accounting for taste), but surely there’s more…

There is. As tech start-ups look for broadcast opportunities to scale up, opportunities arise, one of which ITV has pounced on. ‘ITV AdVentures Invest’ offers TV advertising to leading, high-growth, digital-first companies in the UK in return for equity. Their first investment has now concluded into What3words Ltd.

What3words divides the entire world into 3-metre squares, all with unique three-word identifier codes, and is already being used by the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Hermes & Addison Lee. In essence, ITV are investing their inventory for a stake in companies. This inventive trading mechanism gives tech start-ups an entry into the TV market and an opportunity to demonstrate confidence in the pulling power of TV, whilst ITV embraces this area of the market and takes on the shared risk for the benefit of all.

Rise of the “Anti-Influencer”
Whether they’re insisting that we’re all in this together from their Kensington townhouse, honing their pottery skills from a mega yacht, or posting ‘throwbacks’ from their pre-covid getaway to the Amalfi coast, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the perfectly curated newsfeed of the Instagram influencer.

But how well does this picture of a perfectly manicured life resonate with the average follower? If influencers are starting to lose touch with their followers, who do Advertisers turn to when they want to harness the proven power of social media influence? Enter the “Anti-Influencer”.

From @munyachawawa’s partnership with Adidas or @ameliadimz playful McDonald’s plug, the influencer of 2021 is becoming less familiar as brands embrace breaking the 4th wall. Internationally, this trend is picking up with Australia’s ridiculous @theinspireunemployed teaming up with Versace, Gucci, the Iconic, and RM Williams to name a few. This trend has led to some refreshing execution compared to what we’ve come to expect from influencer marketing, so let’s hope it’s here to stay.

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