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Welcome to the 34th Edition of Stuffed. We hope you’ve been soaking up some of the spring sunshine we’ve been having over the past week. We’re still reeling from hearing the news that we were the most awarded agency at this year’s Campaign Media Awards which has definitely put a “spring” in our step! This week’s Stuffed also marks a special birthday for one-half of the Goodstuff Founder duo, Mr Andrew Stephens. We will be raising a cider to you, Andrew, Happy Birthday.

So onto this week’s Stuffed. In this edition, Bombay Sapphire collaborates to create an artist supermarket with The Design Museum, IAB reports a 5% market growth over the past year despite Covid19, and Tik Tok faces a billion-dollar “shitstorm”. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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Google and TikTok are both in the middle of their own respective shitstorms (again) this week. First off, plucky underdog, the MailOnline announced that they were the latest victims of the Google algorithm – claiming that users were more likely to see the coverage from smaller regional publishers, than from their digital monolith when searching for Piers Morgan’s comments on the Duchess of Sussex. Boohoo…

Then in slightly more sinister news, TikTok has been accused of collecting children’s personal data without their prior consent – resulting in a court case that could cost them billions. It’s not the first time TikTok has been the subject of similar action, after investigations in the US and South Korea. We have a feeling it might not be the last if they haven’t learned their lesson already.

Finally, happy birthday to Spotify! Daniel Ek’s audio streaming giant turns 15 today, but it feels like a lot longer since they appeared on our radar with the promise to revolutionise the music industry. They’ve encountered their fair share of successes and bumps in the road since then, which has been well summarised by Variety in this rundown of how they delivered on that ambition – changing music, and our consumption of it, forever.


B&Q treat the mind, body, and soil
B&Q has filled the streets with a wonderful display of floral billboards. This last year has been dreary, to say the least, now more than ever we need optimistic and colourful messaging. B&Q’s spring campaign brings hope, the possibility of upgrading gardens, and some blooming marvellous plant puns.

Bombay Sapphire shop for creativity
Bombay Sapphire has partnered with The Design Museum to create an artist supermarket. Customers can buy a bottle of gin and other essentials designed by emerging artists. The profits go back into the museum, helping to rebuild the industry and demonstrating that creativity is just as essential as toilet roll.

Morrisons makes headlines, courtesy of Sandy
A local Morrisons store has created an initiative to help women access free period products, discreetly. All they have to do is ask for Sandy. This brilliant idea has caught the eyes of other supermarket chains and Morrisons are looking to add the service across all of their stores soon.

Victoria Bitter swap stubbies for solar
Australia’s Victoria Bitter has created a way of trading Aussie sunshine for ice-cold beers. Instead of giving unused solar energy back to the grid, Victoria Bitter, which is already 100% solar-powered, will take your surplus energy in exchange for a crate of beer. We’ll drink to that.


IAB’s Digital Adpsend Report shows 5% market growth in 2020
This week the IAB released the 2020 edition of their annual Digital Adspend report, the headline being a substantial 5.2% increase in 2020, boosting the market to £16.5bn in the UK alone. This information highlights Digital’s versatility in tough times. It’s impossible to miss the effect the pandemic has had on our digital habits. It’s certainly been a tough year for advertising, but the report this week demonstrates that even in a global pandemic there’s still means for brands to reach their audiences in unexplored ways. With the UK starting to open back up, we can only look forward to seeing the same in other media channels.

Good news for OOH as footfall continues to increase
Good news for OOH industry as shoppers flocked back to the high street last week after non-essential stores reopened in England and Wales. It was reported that 300,000 shoppers visited Westfield across both stores on the first day of opening, that was 200,000 more than 2020 summer reopening!! The highstreets also saw +218% increase in footfall week on week as retail and hospitality opens. Overall there was +18% increase in London Underground usage. With figures like these, it shows that the OOH industry is back in business with exciting times ahead.

Netflix subscriber growth slows following a pandemic boom
Netflix has seen shares tumble over the last few days after subscriber growth has slowed down attributed to restrictions easing in many countries across the world including the UK. During lockdown, many SVOD (Subscription VOD) services saw a boom in demand including Disney Plus who gained 50 million users within 5 months of launching. Obviously, the pandemic forced more people to stay at home across the world which helped the case of SVOD, however, this also led to the slowdown of productions ultimately affecting the level of new material on the platforms.

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