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This week we start by getting personal, as a supermaket brand finds a brilliantly personalised way to encourage more fruit and veg consumption (oh how we miss the office fruit and veg bowl). We also see a Brazilian news brand cleverly educate their readers on mask wearing. Barnard Castle gets a visit from a Specsavers ad, yup, you can guess where this is going. And finally, if you needed a musical boost for your Sunday runs, then look no further than Scala Radio who have hired a motivational maestro…

Happy reading folks!

From your good pals at Goodstuff.


Remember the good old days when the resident office fruit bowl made a daily appearance – bananas first, pears always last (why were they always last…). Anyway, despite our conscious efforts to enjoy healthy snacks, you may be surprised to know that only 31% of adults actually meet the 5-a-day recommendation of fruit and vegetables (PHE). To try and combat this, Sainsbury’s are launching personalised Nectar points as part of their ‘Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge’ to encourage shoppers to stock up on more fruit and veg. The in-app tracker sets unique targets based on their typical shopping habits; rewarding shoppers with Nectar points as each target gets completed.

If last weeks altercation between M&S and Waitrose over Ocado wasn’t enough, Oatly was reportedly ‘cancelled’ on Twitter. It was revealed that amongst a glitter-ball of investors such as Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman, the Blackstone Group was also present – controversial as they have been linked to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and the destruction of rainforests.

This week we came across an inspiring story of the sleek, new and low-alcoholic aperitif on the block, Haus. The brand appears to be breaking all the DTC ‘rules’, actively running a very different marketing strategy than the previous era of start-ups, namely owning it’s production facilities end to end, limiting external investment and being careful with digital ad spend – all with one goal in mind; keep the margins high and acquisition costs low. We love this rule breaker.

On a final note, this week saw the release of new research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. It shows that following the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 has had on many brands, brand reputation is one of the top priorities for marketers, overtaking promotional strategies and very much focussing on long-term success. The icing of the cake for us was seeing 87% of marketers feeling confident that that our industry will bounce back. We couldn’t agree more; we’re a resilient bunch!


Should have gone to… Barnard Castle

Okay, so maybe the Dominic Cummings story is slightly old hat now, but hats off to the crafty media genius who went to the trouble to get this Specsavers ad printed on pay and display parking tickets around the infamous eye testing destination. Go to the top of the class!

“Nothing kills creativity faster than a wall”

…said Eric Weiner. He wants to get himself over to the London Mural Festival this month then. As Goodstuff’s slow and tentative return to working life begins next week, it’ll be brightened by some truly jaw-dropping outdoor art at 40 locations across the city.

Brazilians told to mask nicely

With many prominent public figures being reluctant wearers or mask deniers, Brazilian news brand Correio da Bahia took it on themselves to educate their more ‘confused’ readers. Their arresting public safety campaign speculates why masks might be worn anywhere but the right place.

Aussie charities coin it in (hopefully)

The Royal Australian Mint launched a special dollar coin to coincide with International Charity Day last week. To counter dwindling charitable donations since the pandemic, the coin is designed to leverage a bit of nudge theory – prompting every Australian to donate via its distinctive colour and thoughtful message.


Talon launch new trading platform

Talon have launched their new trading platform Atlas, ushering in further advances in our ability to plan and buy OOH in more precise and automated ways. One of the notable features from our demonstration of the tool is the ability to assess and buy many thousands of individual ad spots/locations, thus enabling refinement & efficiencies practically impossible using conventional manual techniques. And whilst real-time bidding is not yet possible, for many advertisers and their agencies Atlas offers some valuable added benefits. At Goodstuff we’re looking forward to testing the technology and bringing further value to our campaigns.

Mr Motivator ‘sprints’ to Scala Radio

2020, you strike again! Derrick Evans, a.k.a. the one and only Mr Motivator, has been hired by Scala Radio for a two-part series exploring the power of listening to classical music while running. In the show ‘Mr. Motivator On Da Run’, Mr Motivator will run a classical playlist for you to work out to. It will air on Sunday the 13th and 20th September, aiming to inspire people to get active as the days start to get shorter. Mr Motivator said: “I love all forms of music but especially classical… When used with exercise it can help you to stretch, complement you when running and drive you when you need a lift towards that final set of burpees”.  Time to dig out those lycras!

Thanks for tuning in to Issue 4, we’ll see you next week.