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What a scorcher of a week we’ve had. Not only in degrees but this week saw us achieve Campaign’s Ad of the week with Kopparberg’s new “High Five” campaign, celebrating firsts that last. If you haven’t already viewed the ad, you can do so here. Congrats to all the teams involved, what a way to come back from a bank holiday!

So onto this week’s Stuffed. In this edition we hear about the biggest beer giveaway ever (sounds dreamy for this heatwave), Bloody good period remix a classic hit for menstrual hygiene day & Hellman’s step out of their comfort zone to raise awareness for minimising food waste.

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This week saw Etsy acquire second-hand clothing brand Depop in a new push to target more youngsters. Depop already boasts a 30 million strong band of loyal users worldwide across more than 150 countries and 90% of these guys are under 26. Etsy says the deal will help deepen its reach against that ever-so-clinical Gen-Z audience as they aim to use a three-pronged brand strategy covering the core Etsy brand, Depop, and Reverb (think eBay for instruments). $1.6 billion represents a costly acquisition, hopefully, it pays off for them… 

Looking across the pond this week, beer brand Anheuser-Busch has promised their biggest beer giveaway ever if US president Joe Biden can hit his first dose vaccination target of 70% of adults by 4th July. The campaign titled ‘Let’s Grab A Beer’ will allow anyone over 21 who has been vaccinated to upload a picture of themselves in their favourite place to grab a beer via the use of a hashtag. This follows in the footsteps of Stella Artois in Britain although they took a different approach with a support scheme for British boozers and bar staff back in April. Both great campaigns with creativity at the heart of them, what’s not to like?! 

Big news hit the headlines for broadcasters this week as BARB announced it’s now in the final planning stages for the launch of new data and figures across various streaming platforms, including Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. This will allow us to see and access more accurate data around viewing on these platforms and how they really match up against their linear and BVOD counterparts. Having seen the surge in consumption of paid streaming services over the course of lockdown, it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues now things are getting back to normal. 


Entel creates We-commerce

Small businesses in Chile were disproportionately affected by protests of rising living costs, so telecoms brand Entel stepped in to help. Entel turned over 3,000 smartphones on display in over 120 stores into digital out-of-home ads for local businesses, complete with a support online platform with e-commerce function.

Miller creates a place for “Miller Time”
Inspired by the provenance of France’s Champagne region, the American beer is now petitioning the US government to legally recognise their brewing site in Milwaukee with the same protected status as ‘The Champagne of Beers’ region. The campaign invites people to sign the petition for a chance to win prizes.

Pluvo’s poster sites are a breath of fresh air
Cleantech company Pluvo has partnered with Kinetic to launch a new out-of-home advertising site – Pluvo Columns, which have the ability to clean one cubic meter of air per second and claim to clean up to 99% of harmful gases and airborne viruses.

Bloody good period rewrites a classic to destigmatise menstruation
To mark menstrual hygiene day on 28th May, the period poverty charity launched #NoShameHere, a campaign to remove taboos attached to periods and promote more conversation around hygiene products, all set to a soundtrack of CeCe Peniston’s Finally, with lyrics rewritten to land their message.


Hellman’s mission to waste want not

Hellman’s, the well-known mayonnaise and salad dressing brand, is branching out of its comfort zone to educate the country on minimizing food waste.

The campaign is driven by the huge impact food waste has on the environment. The content highlights that if global food waste was to be a country, it would be close behind the US and China regarding contribution to greenhouse gas. Hellman’s big issue is to share a simple solution to help with the problem; simply eating all the food in your cupboard.

They have called in the help of much-loved Prue Leith and Dr. Rupy Aujle to share tips on developing small habits to make the most of the food in our cupboards, reducing waste, and saving money that they have labels ‘Cook clever, waste less’.

The campaign centers around this hero message, aired across Channel 4, with additional smaller chunks of content across multiple channels to spread the message and educate further.

This campaign comes after Hellman’s first-ever super bowl ad in America earlier this year, where they used comedian Amy Schumer. They compare and contextualise the issue of food waste using US states, and the magnitude of the landfill food waste.

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