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If you don’t follow us on Twitter or Linkedin (if not, what are you waiting for?!) you may not have seen some exciting news that we are one of the first members of IPA’s new Climate Charter that launched this week. We believe there is no plan(et) B and with the help of The IPA, we are looking to a carbon neutral and all-around greener future. You’ll find more about the Charter in this edition.

On that note, onto this week’s Stuffed. In this edition, something else, we hear about Krept & Konan’s quest for a new football national anthem, and Twitter’s new paid subscription service which includes the long-awaited “Tweet undo” functionality (hallelujah 🙏 ).

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As things finally start to open up and resemble something of life before March 23rd, 2020, the world of dating is having something of a make-over. Mainstream dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Badoo are partnering with the UK government to create ‘COVID Vaccine Stickers’ that users can display on their profiles, to show if they’ve had their double dose.  Other apps are also offering new features, for people to add to their preferences such as mask-wearing and social distancing. The app update has had mixed reviews; some question issues of privacy, others seeing this as an important step as the vaccine roll-out is now available to those under 30.  

We all know that more can be done to help those struggling with homelessness and the vicious cycle that often makes it difficult to escape. This week, HSBC launched a campaign to support their ‘No Fixed Address Service’ and its partnership with Shelter, aiming to increase awareness of HSBC’s bank accounts for those without a fixed address. This simple service can help open up vulnerable people to an opportunity for employment, accessing benefits, and a second chance. Top marks for being good eggs we think.  

Climate change is fast becoming the top of everyone’s agenda. The pandemic has inadvertently called for a reset, with more people wondering how they can play a part in sustainably helping the planet. This week it was announced that the IPA has crafted a Media Climate Charter – a document that provides agencies with a calculator to measure the carbon impact of our media plans, and how we can ultimately work towards net-zero.  


AA Charitable Trust creates an hour of radio to remember

Road deaths are responsible for more teenage fatalities than any other cause, so the AA, Adam&EveDDB, Goodstuff and Bauer created Caitlin’s Hour – a radio show dedicated to raising awareness of the added risks on rural roads. Hosted on Kerrang! and the Hits Radio Network, the show is supported by OOH.

Krept & Konan write a new narrative for English Football
Launched this week, to kick off Euro 2020 this weekend, the British grime duo star in a BBC3 documentary of their story to pen a new football national anthem whilst exploring their own English identity, supported by Copa 90 and the BBC.

Kiyan Prince memorialised as football royalty by KPF
Last month, to mark the 15th anniversary of the gifted QPR youth player tragically killed by knife crime, EA Games visualised the story that could have been by creating Kiyan as a player in FIFA 21. The campaign is supported by JD Sports, professional footballers, and hopes to raise awareness of knife crime.

Mucinex creates the ill-fitting clothing line to make you feel better
The cold and flu medication brands have created ‘Sickwear,’ clothing designed to make you feel better when you’re ill. Made with materials and features to help nurse yourself back the wellness, the collection is supported by live-streamed shows, influencer marketing and sold out in less than a day.


Tv’s newest measurement tool is here: CFlight

It’s never been a better time to be a TV viewer with unlimited choice and access. Through new data touchpoints and tech capabilities, a new era of advanced TV is here. Making it harder to measure TV viewing especially as it is spread across time and platforms. However, thanks to some major initiatives to crack this challenge, we have CFlight. 

Developed by Sky, CFlight is a means to measure total reach and frequency across their linear and VOD offerings, and later this year both ITV and Channel 4 will offer CFlight too. This means advertisers will be able to see the total reach and frequency of their campaigns across all TV channels. It is believed that a pan broadcaster cross-media platform of this sophistication hasn’t been created anywhere else in the world before. Estimating that CFlight will cover more than 98% of broadcaster advertisement exposure in the U.K. 

Twitter Blue is launching

Twitter is introducing a paid subscription service that will give users extra features and the existing free Twitter experience. They are calling the subscription Twitter Blue, which is initially launching in Australia and Canada, with expansion plans for the future based on the initial test results. 

For a small monthly fee, users will be able to bookmark their folders of saved tweets; undo tweets for up to 30 seconds after posting but before their tweet lands on the timeline, and enter reader mode to read threads more easily.  

I only hope the undo-tweet function does not devoid us of classic celebrity foot-in-the-mouth tweets such as Kanye’s Persian rug debacle. 

Thanks for tuning in to the 41st edition of Stuffed, we’ll see you next week.