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We would be amiss if we didn’t recognise the historic, momentous, some would even say breathtaking occasion that had the country on the edge of their seats this week. Yes, folks, England’s triumph against Denmark means it really MIGHT be coming home! A whopping 24 million of us tuned in to watch Kane score the 2-1 lead on Wednesday night, but the question we find ourselves asking at Goodstuff today is, would indulging in pasta or pizza before the big final on Sunday be deemed as ‘unpatriotic’?!

In this week’s Stuffed, we’re looking at the impact Love Island & The Euro’s are having on younger TV viewing numbers, Grenfell Athletic FC’s new kit partner, and importantly hearing about the moving piece from Zoe Scaman on the unacceptable sexual harassment and misogyny in Adland.

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Many across adland have been moved by a piece penned by freelance strategist Zoe Scaman, chronicling her experiences of sexual harassment and misogyny over nearly two decades in the industry. Man Men, Furious Women has resonated widely – inspiring many more women to share their stories of objectification, harassment, and bullying, at the hands of senior men – who are in many cases still around and hard to avoid in a relatively small industry. We can, and must, do better. 

The upending of many people’s working habits over the last 18 months has triggered a renewed interest in ways of rethinking how, and when we work. Iceland’s recent trial of a four-day working week has been heralded as a success – resulting in greater wellbeing and productivity. Now another study has suggested five hours a day may be optimal – as it’s about as long as anyone can concentrate for. While there were some downsides to shorter days in maintaining working relationships and team culture, as the world reopens we all have a golden opportunity to try new ideas and rethink old norms of how we get the best from work. 

Want to be happier? Try joining a physically and mentally stimulating religious club with friends and family. And be nice. But if you’re a self-employed vegan – maybe it’s time to think again. After analysing a huge range of potential strategies, the world’s top happiness researchers have published a ranked list of the most, and least effective ways for an individual to feel happier. Some you’ll be familiar with, but there are a few surprises in there too. The full paper is here if you’re extra keen or just read the ranked list here. 


Visit Iceland want us to swap isolation for ice caps

Visit Iceland will not stop creating brilliant work. Their latest campaign to get us over to the land of ice centres around a pop-up that transforms your lockdown joggers, into a brand-new pair of hiking boots. A perfect excuse to get off your backside and back outside. 

Grenfell Athletic FC sign Nike to launch new threads

Never mind England, there’s one team that really needs our support. Grenfell Athletic, a football team founded in the wake of the disaster teamed up with Nike and Kit Locker to launch their new kit. All proceeds help keep the fabric of the community strong. 

The pleasure’s ours at Magnum’s sensory pop-up

According to Magnum, pleasure has more than one layer. To find them, the luxury ice cream brand created the Pleasure sensorium, a digital and in-person immersive experience. Discover your unique pleasure profile, bathe in a multi-sensorial feast of audio tasting, and experiment with their new Double Gold Caramel Billionaire flavour. 

Paddy power turn English goals into Irish cash

Asking Ireland to support England in Euros and painting two of their biggest stars on a mural in Dublin, seems a touch insulting. That’s until you realise that Paddy Power will donate £10,000 to grassroots Irish football whenever England scores. Everyone’s a winner with this cash for goals scheme. 


Appointment-to-view Programming is proving to be a hit this summer

Younger audiences are becoming increasingly more difficult to reach in the Linear space, however, shows such as Love Island and The Euros have spiked interest in younger audiences. The first episode of the new Love Island peaked at 2 million 1634 Adult impacts; the show’s format remains a hit with younger viewers. Similarly, The Euros are proving to be a hit with England’s Dominant win over Ukraine peaking at 21 million individual impacts just before full time. The programme share vs Men1634 was 89%. Both examples just go to show how important Appointment-To-View programming is for reaching younger audiences in the Linear space.

“Staycations” offer interesting media opportunities
The word ‘staycation’ has become more and more popular in recent years and with travel restrictions still looking a little complicated for the Summer of ’21, Staycationing looks to be the theme for the coming few months. A recent survey conducted by the Radiocentre and DRG discovered that 76% of respondents were eager to get back to leisure days out and visiting different areas allowed. These findings suggest an increase in in-car listening with 65% of commercial radio listeners tuning in on the move…a good time for brands to align themselves with stations!

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