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I think we can all agree it’s been a week of reflection. Most notably reflection upon the barrage of abuse that has followed England’s loss against Italy in the Euro’s on Sunday night. This week the Conscious Ad Network posted an open letter to the CEO’s of social media companies urging them to take a stand against online racism and hate speech. We have signed this letter and are committed to doing what is needed to ensure that social media is a safe environment for everyone. If you would like to take action please follow this link.

In this week’s Stuffed, we continue looking at the impact the Euro’s had on both viewing numbers and how social platforms have been called into question with allowing hate speech and racism to run rampant on their platforms, TikTok builds a house within Westfield and LG allows you to checkout whilst tuning out to your favourite shows.

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As you’ll no doubt be aware, the fantastic performance of England’s football team was depressingly undermined by the actions of fans subjecting Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka to racist abuse. The social platforms have been placed under the magnifying glass again as a result, with Boris Johnson announcing potential fines of up to 10% of global revenues if they fail to take action. Threats and public outcry have so far failed to spur the social platforms into action. Hopefully, the threat of being hit in the pocket will finally force the issue – making their spaces a safer and kinder place for users.

Until fairly recently, True Crime shows were largely confined to long-tail digital TV channels. However, the last few years have seen a huge resurgence in popularity for the genre, due in no small part to the success of podcasts like Serial and show such as Netflix’s Making A Murderer and HBO’s The Jinx (all highly recommended). Channel Four are the latest to jump on board the craze by announcing a new strand of content called True Crime on 4. You’ll be able to get your crime fix from this Autumn across their linear and VOD portfolios.

TikTok, Zoom, and Google Classroom were the big winners in App Annie’s recently released State of Mobile 2021 report. The data confirms a bumper year for TikTok, with the platform overtaking the likes of Facebook and Instagram for time spent last year. Zoom and Google Classroom are, perhaps unsurprisingly, two of the “beneficiaries” of the pandemic, being perfectly suited to lockdown situations. Whether they can maintain this momentum as countries return to normality remains to be seen, but they do appear to have solidified their places as “go-to” services in their industries – for the time being, at least.


Adidas new billboard makes a big splash

Swimming is excellent at improving your physical and mental health. Adidas wants to encourage women in Dubai to take up the sport, regardless of their shape, ability, or religion. In comes a media first, a 5-meter-tall billboard swimming pool, where women; coming to the beach can take the plunge.

LG opens checkout on Channel 3

Ditch the dual screening and embrace shoppable TV by LG. Launching on Love Island, ITV and LG are bringing shoppable shows, where viewers will be able to browse and buy programme products straight from their TV screens. What’s going straight in your basket?

Barclaycard give Global listeners VIP seats to Live music 

Music is still alive and kicking with ‘Capital FM’s Up Close’ fully integrated campaign by Barclaycard and Global. To get listeners ready for live gigs again, Capital’s Up Close billboards will enable smartphone users to unlock immersive creativity without downloading an app, by using the latest WebAR tech.

Westfield, the house that TikTok built

Want to upgrade your TikTok game? Head straight for Westfield to the TikTok house. The immersive pop up is designed to help creators make content and interact with the brand. Pop to the Kitchen to cook up viral recipes, or head to the garden and perfect your dance routines.


Euro 2020 final becomes most-watched TV event of all time

Although football is in fact not coming home, the song continues to ring in my mind like a soft taunt… Regardless of the result on the pitch, the numbers from a media perspective made it the most-watched TV event of all time. When combining live streams as well as linear performance, the 35 million unconsolidated viewers who watched the event makes it a 9% higher viewership than the last biggest – the 1966 World Cup Final. Let’s hope the Qatar WC sees us hit new heights on the screen and pitch.

Vile, racist online abuse leaves the nation asking questions on social identification

Vile, racist abuse aimed at England’s footballers this week has once again raised the debate around online privacy on social media. Whilst some take the viewpoint that the problem can only be solved through the use of verified user IDs, other voices have flagged the need to protect anonymity at all costs.

In reality, it’s an extremely complex topic and there are many questions to answer. Are we comfortable providing our personal IDs to social platforms? Can we trust them to safeguard it? Or do we just need to accept the use of verified personal IDs as a condition for use of social platforms in order to stamp out these issues, because the end justifies the means?

These questions are only the tip of the iceberg, but the answers have the potential to shape how we use the internet for years to come. What isn’t in doubt, however, is the need for the Government and the social media companies to step up and show that they are prepared to work together to root out online discrimination.

Thanks for tuning in to the 46th edition of Stuffed, we’ll see you next week.