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Whether you’re a tennis novice or the next Nadal, we don’t think there was a single soul who didn’t hold their breath in anticipation of Emma Raducano’s US Open straight sets win last Saturday, making her the first British female player to win a grand slam since Virginia Wade triumphed in the 1977 Wimbledon tournament.  The televised final drew 9.2 million viewers, outperforming Wimbledon, with Channel 4 securing a last-minute deal to broadcast the historic match. Congratulations to Emma, we can’t wait to see what exciting things lie ahead for her career!

Speaking of Channel 4, this week’s Stuffed takes a look at the government’s consultation of the privatisation of the broadcaster as well as how Distance have encouraged their customers to break the speed limit and Twitch get’s a telling off in the online protest #ADayOffTwitch.

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This week saw the close of the government’s consultation on the privatisation of Channel 4, a topic that has been hotly debated since first proposed by the culture secretary earlier this year. Unsurprisingly the broadcaster has been openly critical about the decision, however, adland has now also put their voice to the cause, with leaders from across the industry submitting the aptly named open letter ‘4 The People’. As proud signatories, our fingers are crossed for the final decision in the coming weeks.  

Speaking of controversy, it’s safe to say that the launch of the new TV station GB News has been far from smooth sailing so far. The latest headline for the burgeoning station is that Andrew Neil announced his resignation as lead presenter and chairman this week, a move that has surprised many. Whilst Neil will remain as a regular panelist, questions have been raised about the reasons behind the departure and how the channel will move forwards without him. 

It can sometimes feel like not a month goes by without another influencer getting named and shamed for the lack of transparency in their #spon. To address this, ISBA has launched a new code of conduct, aiming to set a new industry standard and improve accountability. A timely move following Panorama’s investigation into influencer fraud, we hope that it helps to strengthen trust in, what can be, an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  


Airbnb and Disney creates ‘Bearbnb’

Winnie Pooh fans will be bouncing for joy now that they can book their own stay at his house in the 100 Acre Woods, thanks to this partnership. The real-life replica of Pooh’s ‘Mr Sanders’ house was built to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the iconic children’s series.

Coca-Cola invites bus travelers to take the ultimate Diet Coke break

Citizens in cities across the UK have had to do a double-take as they saw bus shelters transformed into life-size Diet Coke fridges. The special build sites have been created to celebrate a partnership with appliance brand Smeg and curb rumours of a supply shortage.  

IKEA sends contestants back to the 90s

To celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary in Spain, Ikea launched a reality TV show which challenges six contestants, all born after 1996, to live in a house without any of the mod-cons or Ikea innovations that they take for granted, set to air on TV and on social.  

Distance challenges runners to break the speed limit

Following a recent ruling which lowered the speed limit within parts of Paris to just 18 mph, runner’s retailer Distance decided to stage a stunt to break the speed limit, on foot, with a band of ‘Outlaw Runners.’ Snaps of the illegally fast runs were used in Out-Of-Home and instore.  


A Day Off Twitch

#ADayOffTwitch was the online protest in reaction to a huge number of bots and dummy accounts targeting black, queer, and disabled streamers with offensive and abusive messages and comments. Another reason for these hashtags being made was due to the lack of substantial action or statements issued from Twitch after months of these claims before the creation of these hashtags. The Twitch creator behind the #TwitchDoBetter hashtag that started to bring attention to these issues, and a key instigator in the organisation of #ADayOffTwitch was @RekitRaven. Raven has rightly been recognised and celebrated by the community for her campaigning work.  

September 1st was the date decided for the online protest to be held, with the aim being to stop as many twitch users as possible from using the platform. The ultimate reason being to force Twitch to act upon these claims and bring attention to an issue they say allows harassment via one of Twitch’s most well-used tools. The protest saw a viewer and user drop of around 1million, which twitch users have stated they believe to be a significant and successful outcome. Twitch has measured an average of roughly 4million viewers every day according to data from early 2020, which has remained a relatively consistent figure onwards from then.  

Following the online protest on September 1st and the #ADayOffTwitch movement, Twitch has responded by filing a lawsuit against two of the main antagonist who plagued their user’s streams with endless abuse. They have also sworn to implement new security measures to aid streamers and to help prevent these ‘hate raids’. 

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