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Some hard truths, 1 in 3 people feel ostracized at work, there are more FTSE 100 CEOs named Steve than there are female CEOs and only 10 BAME people working in leadership roles across FTSE 100 companies. Pretty shameful stuff. That’s why we’ve taken the opportunity this Inclusion Week, to think about how we can foster a permanent environment of “Belonging” at work. You may have seen on our socials (if you don’t follow us firstly, why not?! Secondly, click the link here) that yesterday we had our Refreshers fair hosted by our Do The Right Thing councils. The result was a lot of (re)freshers fun and some food for thought on what it actually means to be “inclusive”.

Now onto this week’s Stuffed. In this edition, we welcome ‘Meg Ryan Fall’, Aesop partner with Penquin for an academic take on Pride and virtual shopping joins forces with AI.

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The weather has turned, we have waved goodbye to summer and it’s officially the internet’s favourite season. The beginning of autumn sees ‘fall fanatics’ emerge across social media with Twitter and TikTok inundated with autumnal movies, outfits, playlists, recipes, pumpkin spiced lattes, and a Twitter favourite ‘Christian Girl Autumn’. No other season seems to have this type of cult following, move over ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and welcome ‘Meg Ryan Fall’. 

After over a year’s worth of delays, No Time To Die has finally landed in cinemas. It’s been six years since the last James Bond film, so it’s been quite the wait for Bond fans. This pent-up demand has been reflected in pre-sales which are the biggest since Avengers: Endgame. Cinemas are pulling out all the stops to give the 25th Bond the best possible chance to aid their post-pandemic recovery. This is Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond, but on Greg James Unpopular Opinion he said “I tell you what, it’s my last Bond movie. I can’t change this Bond. But I can leave a note for the next one” 

It’s not even been a year and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back back back back back again for Season 3! The season promises plenty of entertainment and continues to improve on the diversity and inclusion of the cast – Season 2 saw the first non-binary Queens in UK Drag Race – the iconic Bimini and Ginni Lemon, whilst Season 3 brings us Victoria Scone, the first cis female drag performer on the show. Choriza May made an iconic entrance in an outfit inspired by her Spanish heritage. Her entrance line? ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…hate me because I’m an immigrant!”. We can’t wait to see how this turns out. 


Degree deodorant challenges inclusivity in fitness

Following research that found that 81% of people with disabilities don’t feel welcome in fitness spaces, Degree (Sure in the US) launched #trainersforhire, a multiplatform recruitment drive to challenge the fitness industry to hire trainers with disabilities, in the US.

Aesop opens the Queer Library

Aesop transformed two of their London stores into queer libraries this month, in light of Pride being cancelled for the second year running. The Libraries feature 3,500 books purchased from the oldest queer bookstore in the U.K, Gay’s The Word, as well as 3,000 more volumes donated by Penguin Random House. 

giffgaff gives back with signed ad

The mobile network collaborated with one of its own members to launch their latest ad exclusively in sign language. The ad stars a CGI version of Aleks, a Giff Gaff member who challenged the brand to create an ad to include the deaf community.  

Ancestry & NYTimes build records of resistance

Ahead of the start of Black History Month today, the collaboration released its latest video, featuring the discovery of a descendant who was devoted to the education of a community of Black Americans shortly after Emancipation. 


Virtual Shopping meets Augmented Reality 

Retail brands are leaving the physical high-street and setting up shop on the virtual one with a rise in online retail during the pandemic. You could argue that for many retailers, the transition from a physical presence to an online one was straightforward as most retailers already have an online presence.

However, what about the brands that were already an online-only entity that now must compete with many other brands entering the fray?

For Etsy, the solution was Augmented Reality. With the cost/ROI of setting up a physical shop becoming less appealing than it used to be, Etsy decided to bring its products to the consumer. The ‘Etsy House’ permits buyers to wander through the virtual environment at their leisure while perusing the goods in situ around them to get a better feel for how the items fit into a domestic environment.

Applying photorealistic rendering and life-size scale, the interactive experience employs intuitive navigation and 360° environments to transport potential customers for the ultimate in window shopping.

The fully shoppable experience will reduce transaction friction to the bare minimum, with pop-up product information and purchase links materializing as soon as you hover over an active item.

Industry braces itself for RAJAR figures

In other news, the industry is excitedly bracing itself for the first RAJAR figures since Q1 2020. The audience research body will release figures covering 28th June 2021 – 19th September 2021, known as Q3 2021 on October 27th. RAJAR is currently ‘still evaluating various streams of data’ and have yet to feedback on how the data is being collated. Since the beginning of RAJAR, little booklets have been distributed to households across the country asking people to compile their radio listening habits and fill in personal information. From this, the advertising industry is able to utilise the stations to target their specific audience and gather information on who their advertising is reaching. Not only this but stations will have concrete data demonstrating how they are performing and how listening habits have changed since the pandemic. It’s an exciting time! 

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