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Amid the fuel crisis, we are cruising into autumn this week with temperatures dropping and the nights drawing in. Daniel Craig made his final appearance as 007, the biggest UK launch of any film in the franchise! Meantime, Facebook failed to dodge the bullet, as users lost out on six hours of entertainment, unable to access Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

And in this week’s Stuffed, we discuss the arrival of AI technology on the small screen as Channel 4 make the most of their product placement, offering a “quasi-immersive” experience for the viewer.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Facebook suffered a major outage to their platforms this week. Not only did it affect the likes of Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp, but it prevented their employees from accessing internal comms services and reportedly locked staff out of their offices entirely. Whilst not great news for “Zuck”, who saw his personal wealth drop by a reported $6bn as a result, it saw droves of users heading back to more traditional publishers with Outbrain seeing traffic surge by 40% to sites using their recommendation engine whilst Facebook went dark. 

 For those of us who’ve ordered any sort of takeaway meal recently, you’ll undoubtedly have come across someone singing the familiar “Did somebody say Just Eat?” jingle. And whilst we all know jingles are effective (if a bit annoying), we can now prove it. Mark Ritson’s piece for Marketing Week does a fantastic job of summarising the importance of sonic branding in making a company memorable. 

 After three delayed launch dates, Bond is finally back – and 007 fanatics have wasted no time in getting their fix. The new film, which is Daniel Craig’s last in the title role, has smashed UK box office records as it became the biggest UK launch of any film in the franchise. It’s a welcome shot in the arm for the cinema industry who’d cited the delayed Bond launch, along with multiple other postponed blockbusters due to be released last year, as key reasons behind their appeals for government support last year. 


Bumble eliminates the hate with the perfect date

1 in 3 black people have canceled a date due to venue anxiety. Bumble, in partnership with Black Owned London, are helping black couples find safe and empowering date locations. Couples can use a date generator to find small black owned businesses that are being supported by Bumbles £50k grant.   

Grow your own ketchup with Heinz

Heinz are reminding the people of Sao Paulo that tomato ketchup is made of just that, tomatoes. In partnership with Brazilian ad agency Africa, Heinz have created limited edition ketchup bottle labels that contain tomato seeds, giving consumers the opportunity to plant and grow delicious tomatoes of their own.  

Oglivy’s first-class response from The Post Office

Whilst we were twiddling our thumbs wondering when Facebook would sort itself out, Ogilvy were busy creating the perfect response to the social blackout, for the original messaging service. The rapid response was a simple message of ‘Social Post’, displayed on digital OOH, for all to see and chuckle at. 

What a moving campaign Kinh Do

Vietnamese snack brand Kinh Do keep stories alive by bringing old family photographs to life. Using genealogy app MyHeritage and AI technology provided by D-ID, families will be able to witness photos of family members move, blink and even smile, bringing families closer together after the pandemic. 


AI technology arrives at the small screen

Channel 4 makes the most out of their product placement potential during top programme Location, Location, Location. 

 Conceived by media agency Electric Glue for the property renting app Rightmove, this new type of product placement features an overlay within the screen of relevant info on properties in the viewers’ area, in this case location pricing, and will be accompanied by the app logo. 

Location, Location, Location sees a duo of dynamic property experts helping house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location, and the show attracts on average 2 million viewers per episode. This type of product placement revolutionises the way data is used to fit in with the programme’s context and target audience offering a quasi-immersive experience for the viewer. 

The darkest 6 hours 

5pm on Monday 4th October proved a difficult evening for the 48.5 million Facebook users that had 6 hours of spare time that would otherwise be filled with inevitably scrolling the media giant.  

So, we lost 6 hours of entertainment, but what did they lose?  

Facebook is counting the cost of an unprecedented outage that took it and sister products Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp offline in a global failure which has been estimated at a $79m in ad revenue loss. 

 Believed to be the most severe failure in the company’s history, the crash has hit advertisers hard. This crash has reminded us of the importance of an omnichannel marketing strategy. Brands must remember that the same way consumers don’t rely on one app for all media consumption and communication, brands cannot rely on one platform for their marketing either.  

 Does this pose the idea of a centralized platform to prepare for another dark hour? 

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