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As autumn leaves carpet the ground and a winter chill settles in the air, it is unmistakably November. We for one can’t wait for cosy pub fires, busy winter markets, dazzling Christmas lights oh and the return of the Starbucks red cup. However, it seems not everyone is as keen for Christmas with this week seeing it hotly debated on Twitter as to whether November has been held hostage by the festive season. 

 Speaking of debates on social, in this week’s Stuffed, we will look at the fallout of Facebook’s Meta rebrand as well as Oatly’s playful advertising with an ad inside an ad and Sky Glass launch a magical OOH campaign. 

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The rebrand of Facebook’s holding company to Meta was the big digital news of last week, and it’s safe to say it’s seen a mixed response, ranging from skepticism to outright derision. The existing meta society was particularly scathing, describing it as something of a land-grab by Facebook of a community and concept that has already been thriving for some time. This interesting piece from Clive Thompson sets out an argument for how Minecraft has already beaten Facebook to the metaverse crown, and in a much more accessible way. 

Environmental issues are very much front of mind at the moment, in light of this week’s COP26 summit. But whilst the transport and food industries tend to take a lot of the heat from protestors, the impact of streaming has – until now – gone largely unnoticed. Mark Sweney’s piece for The Guardian unpacks the toll of the streaming boom on the environment, largely due to electricity required at various points of the chain from source to screen, which is mainly generated from greenhouse gases. 

This week is a big one for the animal lovers out there, with Twitch hosting their very first Animal Week. Whilst the Amazon-owned streaming site made their name through gaming, increasingly the content is diversifying with many passion points now catered for with their own respective categories. To date, animal streams have had to be shoehorned into other areas of the site such as Science & Technology or Just Chatting. But finally, our furry friends have their own home on the site, under the category Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos. Have a look at the announcement for links to the best critter-based streams on Twitch. 


Oatly creates inception media, with ads within ads

Timed with perfection around discussions of the ‘metaverse,’ Oatly launched a multimedia campaign about their multimedia campaign, that’s effectively an ad within an ad, nine times over, across print, out of home, social and experiential.  

Co-op rebrands to Co-op 26

In a stroke of luck and genius, Lucky Generals rebranded the national retailer for COP26 this week, in a takeover of six flagship stores. The campaign is supported across all 2,600 food stores and 830 funeral homes with climate change awareness messages.   

Creature’s spoof highlights the class pay gap

Partnering with the Department for Opportunities, Creature London has launched a spoof film to highlight startling new research showing just how much more it can pay to be ‘posh,’ for middle-class employees earning more in comparison to their working-class colleagues for doing the same job.  

Channel 4 parks a (tank) bus on Shell’s lawn

Ahead of the broadcast of the documentary ‘Joe Lycett Vs The Oil Giant,’ Channel 4 has launched an all-out offensive on the energy giant, with a PR and social stunt bus, and parody film of Shell’s CEO timed to trend with COP26.  


Sky Glass goes BIG with innovative OOH across the country

In order to match the magic of Sky’s latest innovation, Sky Glass, the OOH campaign needed an equal touch of magic. From the first national Deep Screen campaign to LED lighting on the IMAX with special builds across the Waterloo domination. Also included were epic murals with motion projections to dominations across iconic landmark digital with special print technologies on classic locations, ensuring this launch was truly national. 

Finally, The ‘Cube’, a multi-sensory experience standing in at 5 meters tall located in King’s Cross St Pancras, demonstrates everything Sky Glass has to offer in the most unique way possible. The spectacular installation also features a built-in audio experience that unpacks the true values of Sky Glass. 

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Instagram Story links are available now!

What’s a week in the world of digital without another social media update?  Instagram have announced that their story links which where previously only available to verified accounts or those with 10k followers are now being made available to all users.  Rather than the well known ‘Swipe up’ feature, story links will now take the form of a link sticker.  This update makes stories even more valuable for brands, allowing them to drive action.   

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