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Ten years ago, a fella called Bobby Din booked a small (but significant) press ad. It was the first media buy of the newly re-launched Goodstuff agency. This week we celebrated our “Tin-anniversary” or rather 10 years since we became an all singing, all dancing full service media agency. If you’ll allow us a moment of soppiness, we would be nothing without our clients, the Goodstuffers past and present, the media owners, creative agencies, journalists, and industry legends. A HUGE thank you is in order (and apologies for any hangovers we may have provided from last night’s GoodBash). 

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Whilst the nights get shorter and colder there has never been a better time to curl up in front of the TV. This week sees the finals of Great British Bake Off, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK and the start of I’m A Celebrity. The Bake Off final was an emotional affair, with viewers on Twitter calling for a Jurgen and Giuseppe spin-off, viewership peaking at 7.6m Ads. I’m A Celeb hit the ground running drawing in 8.8m Ads. Viewing figures are down YoY, however, this is to be expected as people enjoy the freedoms of a post lockdown festive period. 

Putting up your Christmas tree this weekend? Whilst Christmas ads land with a bang post Halloween (or if you are launching in October…) 47% start getting into the Christmas spirit between the 1st – 10th December. Over half of people surveyed said that putting up decorations lifted their spirits and improved their wellbeing, with 2020 being the ‘Christmas that never happened’ hopes are pinned on 2021 giving people something to look forward to and celebrate during uncertain times. 

NF-Who? Adding to its staggering (but potentially unsustainable) success NFT has become Collins Dictionary word of the year. NFT’s have made millions out of memes and even sprung up museums and art galleries. The use of the abbreviation rose by more than 11,000% in 2021. Charlie bit my finger recently sold for +£500k – ouch Charlie! If you are interested Collins defines a ‘non-fungible token’ as a “unique digital certificate, registered in blockchain, that is used to record ownership of an asset such as an artwork or collectible’ 


I’m in Fortnite…Get Me Out of Here

This week ITV announced their latest foray into Fortnite with the launch of the ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here,’ Castle Trials experience on the massive multiplayer online game. John Lewis has signed up as the first brand partner with branded challenges and supplies integrated into the castle.  

 Coolio brings home the bacon for Christmas gift givers

US Bacon brand HORMEL Black Label has created (wait for it), bacon wrapping paper, complete with bacon scent, to show that everything’s better when wrapped in bacon this Christmas. To launch the wrapper, they’ve enlisted the iconic rapper Coolio in a series of promotional content videos.  

Snap’s Christmas Market at your fingertips 

To flex their Augmented Reality (AR) creds, Snap has created an AR Christmas market with shoppable experiences for six partner brands, launching today on Black Friday. Each experience is tailored to each brand and harnesses a range of Snap’s features and functions.  

The UN gets kids to have ‘the talk’ with parents 

Ever imagined that your children would be talking to you about the ‘birds and the bees?’ That’s exactly what the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have encouraged, by publishing a book that aims to encourage kids to read their parent’s stories about the impact of climate change.  



Adele tells Spotify to take it easy on the shuffle button

Adele requested that Spotify remove the shuffle button on albums on the streaming giant. She claimed that ‘Albums should be listened to as [artists] intended’ as they tell ‘a story’ the singer explained in a follow-up on Twitter. Adele’s request is in sync with her new album release, 30, which tells the story of how her divorce has impacted her life.  

Adele’s lead single for 30, “Easy On Me,” broke a single-day Spotify streaming record previously held by Korean boy band BTS.  

You can still shuffle an album on Spotify through listening to individual songs, which essentially adds an extra step to the user’s listening experience. Rivals like Apple Music still have a “shuffle” button from an album page.  

Opinions on the decision are mixed, with some claiming Spotify are giving too much power over to artists. 


ITV’s Palooza see’s the launch of Adlabs, expected in 2022…

As some of you may know, ITV Palooza IRL returned this week, hosting up to 800 agency partners and celebrities. The theme of the Palooza was ‘Better Together’, with the ITV Chief executive Caroline McCall explained in her welcome address, and this was probably one of the biggest UK advertising industry events since the pandemic. The Palooza offered a first look at next year’s strong programming slate, however, the key announcement of the night is the launch of ITV Adlabs described as “a new enterprise and strategy to bring together all of ITV Commercial’s innovation”. 

In essence, ITV want to bring digital products, digital partnerships, and strategic insight together.  The Broadcaster has been testing several innovations in recent months including ‘dynamic creative; advertising on its programmatic platform Planet V, widening the reach of its shoppable product, new commercial models and partnerships with social media partners such as Twitter, and brand collaborations in ITV properties in games such as Fortnight. With ITV’s advertising revenue up 30% in the first half of 2021 the evolution of ITV advertising appears to be working, a trend we will most likely see continue across 2022. 


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