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Welcome back to Stuffed. We hope you’ve survived your first week of 2022 back in the “office”. Each new year brings new beginnings and opportunities and 2022 will be no exception for us Goodstuffers. Over the festive period, we took a giant leap in our evolution as an agency and became a proud new member of Stagwell and the Stagwell Media Network. To find out why and what it this exciting new development means please click here. As if that weren’t enough good news for the first week of 2022, we were also delighted to learn we’ve been shortlisted for Campaign’s Media Agency of the Year. It really is a HAPPY new year! 

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After an overindulgent Christmas, many of us will be taking the plunge into Dry-January. The campaign, led by Alcohol Change UK, has seen steady growth over the past few years with an expected 6.5 million Brits expected to take part in 2022. Lucky Saint have signed up to become the first every official (alcohol free) beer of Dry January, with plans to launch a co-branded mass sampling campaign, OOH and print.  Whilst intentions may be good, hospitality bosses have urged consumers not to desert their local pubs as venues struggle to recover from a nightmare Christmas period. 

Hot on the heels of Dry January is Veganuary, with 2 million people officially signed up to ditch meat and dairy for 31 days. The first cinema ad in support of the campaign launched this week, with a climate conscious Big Foot showing small ways to make a difference.  

 In his latest blog on GatesNotes, Bill Gates predicts that in three years most meetings will be happening in the Metaverse. He predicts that people will move to avatars to meet in virtual spaces, replicating the feeling of being in an actual room with them. However, to make this possible everyone will need to be kitted out with VR headsets and motion capture gloves to capture expressions, body language and the quality of your voice. For now, we’ll just focus on making sure we’re off mute before trying to speak, and hoping the screen works when booking a meeting room… 


We can’t help but love THIS sponsorship of Quorn

To mark the start of Veganuary, plant based food brand ‘THIS,’ has sponsored the village of Quorn (yes, it’s a real location), the place where their meat-free rival’s brand name originates. The campaign features a plethora of local sponsorships and is amplified by social video.  

This new Corona variant might actually be good for you

This week, AB InBev maker of Corona beer launched alcohol-free ‘Sunbrew,’ zero alcohol beer infused with vitamin D, just in time for Dry January, Blue Monday and the seasonal low moods. Let’s hope that this awesome new product crosses the Atlantic soon.  

Mohammad Malik launches a campaign to find his perfect match

From the beach to Birmingham, where 29-year-old Mohammad has just launched an out of home campaign to plead the public to save him from an arranged marriage. The Muslim bachelor has launched a website and media campaign with hope of matrimonial success, an impressive dedication to dating.  

German Shepherd urges the herd to get vaccinatedMalibu lets the fun shine this Christmas

Finally, from Birmingham to Germany where a shepherd staged a stunt on Monday with over 700 of sheep and goats to urge the nation to get vaccinated, by impressively arranging his flock into the shape of a syringe in a campaign to boost uptake of booster jabs.  


From Demograph to Identity – Could 2022 be the year that CTV investment explodes?

2021 was a big year for connected TV. We saw the continued growth of Samsung Ads and Rakuten. We witnessed the emergence of CTV marketplaces with lightbox and Publica. Finally, we saw a growing trend of ads distributed across CTV within YouTube, where roughly 60% of a campaign budget is now distributed on connected devices. 

All of this growth was supported byt the IAB when they confirmed what we all suspected for some time – that CTV is mainstream an deserves it’s own place on multi-media plans – through their release of their ‘real living’ series.  Some of the key insights from this study include: 

  • Connected device ownership now sits at 79% of all UK households 
  • Connected TV’s are the second most used daily device (66% in UK households, just behind smartphones (80%) 
  • 6 in 10 under 35’s aren’t watching live TV on a daily basis and the same number of under 35’s claim that they pay more attention to streamed TV (And Ads) that live TV 

All of this has led Group M to forecast that CTV budgets in the US to double by 2026. However, the key to unlocking this revenue lies in the vendors ability to merge the very best of TV – premium exclusive professional content on the big screen, along with the precision that traditional digital platforms are best known for. Expect to see a number of mergers, acquisitions and data allegiances formed throughout 2022 as the industry readies itself for new and exciting change. 

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