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Welcome to Edition 8 of Stuffed. Excitement is building this week at Goodstuff, as we’ll be dusting off our black-tie attire for the Media Week Awards taking place digitally next Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck to all shortlisted! We’re also excited to have started sharing resources this week that our Race Working Group have brilliantly curated for Black History Month. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks here.

In this week’s Stuffed, we look at how the national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, signs up to Instagram for the very first time and does so with record-breaking popularity. We also cast our eyes and wipe our tears, as Samsung demonstrates how photographs, as simple as a bag of onions can inspire great creativity. Finally, we’ll look at the impacts of a merge between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram’s messaging service. If you’ve not yet subscribed, head over here.

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Whilst new advertising methods are entering the market left, right and centre, there are those that believe traditional does it best. One of those traditionalists is Mediatel columnist Dominic Mills who argues for a revival of some of advertising’s dying arts. He suggests that the power of three, rhyming and copy-heavy ads are seeing a resurgence, using the government’s Covid campaigns as evidence, the latest being, ‘HANDS, FACE, SPACE’. We’ll check-in with Ben and Andrew to see if they can fish out any more campaigns from their younger days.

Something that might be more familiar to youngsters is Boots’ latest project ‘Boots X’. Boots created their very own sub-brand to engage Gen-Z consumers with beauty brands based on the insight that they’re distrustful of overt marketing campaigns in the sector. Boots X brought in a range of trusted influencers to host a variety of content on its owned social channels and went on to smash its campaign KPIs. Influencer marketing has been on the rise in 2020 as more and more advertisers see it as an avenue to connect with younger audiences.

But perhaps the greatest influencer on social media over the past month has been Sir David Attenborough who recently broke the record for the fastest time to reach one million Instagram followers. His opening statement on the platform mentioned that saving our planet was a ‘communications’ issue begging the question of how the marketing industry can rise to this challenge. With Black Friday fast approaching this question is more important than ever, so The Drum have put together some tips on how brands can tackle the issue.


Awesome crowd-controlled cloud lasers

The stormy skies of Brighton lit up last week with a laser show with a difference… you could take control. Artist Seb Lee-Delisle’s Laser Light City allowed spectators to control lasers via a web app. A future medium for brand entertainment, rather than participants drawing obscenities in the sky, perhaps?

Onion love story brings tear to your eye

Samsung are aiming to demonstrate the creativity that photographs can inspire, by spinning a real user’s photo into the best love story set around onion-based businesses you’ll see this week, probably. Okay, it might be a little odd, but it’s also funny, quite moving and brilliantly produced by Mother.

Recruiting hotel reviewers with teeth

A bi-product of lockdown has been an increase in PSA (Pet Separation Anxiety, of course). Searches for pet-friendly hotels have surged as travel shakily returns, so naturally are on the lookout for ‘Creature Critics’ to review venues. Whether PSA is a problem for pets or owners remains unclear.

Paddy Power roast Red Devils in style

The mischief-making bookmaker poured salt on Man United’s wounds this weekend with this very public trolling of CEO Ed Woodward’s transfer market failings. Unveiling city centre shop window displays of mannequins of players United failed to buy, ‘Woodward’s’ is a gift to the blue half of the city.


Instagram: 10 years on
6th October 2010 saw the inauspicious launch of an app that would go on to dominate social media. Ten thousand people downloaded it on the first day. Within a year, ten million. Fast forward to today and Instagram has one billion users across the globe. Bought by Facebook in 2012, the platform’s messenger service is finally integrating with Facebook Messenger. This is the first step in Facebook’s mission to not only merge these two platforms, but also WhatsApp (bought in 2014) to enable end-to-end encryption for all messages sent between the three apps. Further integration between Facebook’s platforms is likely to make them inseparable, from not only a user’s perspective but also for advertisers. The changes will allow Facebook to understand their users more intimately, leveraging greater insights and targeting opportunities.

ITV launches addressable ad platform Planet V
This week saw ITV shake up the advertising scene with the introduction of their much-anticipated video on-demand advertising platform, Planet V. The self-service solution will now provide advertisers control over all aspects of their ITV Hub campaigns allowing them to monitor and optimise in real-time. Despite having to pie off Love Island and kick the Euros this summer, ITV have seen monthly reach thrive on the platform, rising by 40%. Planet V now provides advertisers the ability to harness the increased demand in the VOD market.

Programmatic-clean up sees investment grow in UK
The programmatic market had left many in the industry to become skeptical, with a lack of premium inventory, quality audiences and a desperate need for more transparency, all raising the alarm for a much needed clean up of the marketplace. However, there has been some positive shifts, with an increase in quality metrics such as viewability and trading tools such as pre-bid filters giving agencies & traders more control in the inventory they are buying. All of this has led to more trust and confidence within the marketplace now as agencies invest more in automated buying platforms.

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