Following the release of The Campaign School Report this morning we are releasing our annual modesty index report. This is where we compare how media agencies have ranked themselves vs Campaign’s score. All errors are our own.

In perhaps not a too shocking result, not a single media agency has ranked themselves lower than Campaign did. Yes, we’re all in sales at the end of the day.

And neither did we, ranking ourselves at 8.5 vs 8 from Campaign (not sticking to round numbers makes us sooo edgy – and a bit immodest). Check out our full report here.

Congratulations to Essence, Mediacom, Total, UM and Zenith, for at least ranking themselves the same as Campaign. And The7Stars with a score of 9 and Campaign agreed – so well done guys! Although – point of order – we had an agency of the year AND inter-agency darts champions accolade under our belt….

And for the least modest, the bottom 5……..

Modesty Index

All data curated by Tom Beardmore | Head of Data.