With so much uncertainty ahead next year, making any specific predictions would appear a mugs game, to most.

Which is exactly why we’ve had a go…

Like many of you, we find the holding company crystal ball used by many in our industry to be too vague, too generic, too political and frankly, not controversial enough. So, we dug out the keys to the Goodstuff  bulldozer and drove it at high speed through the nonsense to come up with five very specific media agency predictions you can throw back in our faces this time next year.

They may not be popular, they may make you laugh, they might make you cringe, but our money is riding on them regardless:

1. Independent agencies will continue to outpace the market and grow from 18% of  all UK media billings to hit 20%, or £1.9BN.
2. Mid-sized network agencies with clear propositions such as M/Six, Blue449 and Initiative will have a strong year growing by an average of 15%.
3. Despite the corporate line coming out of WPP, they will further consolidate their global media agency networks from 4 to 3.
4. A holding company will launch an ‘independently’ spirited global network that trades and reports outside of the group deals.
5. A management consultancy will acquire one of the smaller global media networks.

Psychic or psychotic..?

Only 2019 will tell.

Andrew Stephens | Founding Partner