A Partnership of Passions

Becoming the first ever arts partner of the Evening Standard


Hiscox are a specialist insurer, offering a market-leading home insurance product tailored to a very particular audience: high net worth individuals with high value homes and high value contents within them. With a low interest category, and an aggressive, high spending competitive set we had to find a way to make Hiscox feel like a brand that was specifically built for them.

The Idea

The Hiscox Home policy best protects the possessions our audience feel most passionately about – art, watches and bikes. Our idea was to celebrate this common ground with the Evening Standard, to become their first ever arts sponsor, bringing together theatre, architecture and contemporary art. This included a custom built arts channel online, advertorials and native content, covering everything from art buying to build your own racing bike.


The partnership is creating an impressive connection with upmarket readers - 61% see Hiscox as appropriate for their needs (vs 39% non-recognisers), while 63% simply saw them as a brand that was right for them (vs 40% non-recognisers). Brand affinity rose by 63%, proving that the partnership is having an effect beyond the pages.