The Launch of AA’s Smart Breakdown

How we positioned AA as a future-facing brand through a partnership with The Telegraph


AA launched a new app – Smart Breakdown, designed to make driving life simpler and smarter by breaking down the language barrier between people and cars. A category first means a bold launch was a must to drive awareness of the product and position AA as a future facing brand against their competitors.


A fame-up approach to tease the product ahead of the ATL launch by partnering with a brand who have strong tech credentials – The Telegraph. “Are you smarter than your car?” was a content partnership featuring comedian Alex Brooker to help the audience understand what their car is trying to tell them in a light-hearted, humorous way whilst educating audiences on Smart Breakdown’s capabilities. The content hub consisted of; digital content series, quiz, twitter video sponsorship, Google AMP stories and various print executions.


We are still awaiting consolidated results and PCA from The Telegraph. However; results to date demonstrate average dwell time at 2.55 – surpassing benchmarks of 1.2, indicating strong engagement from readers.