Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the perfect property doesn’t exist, so we built one ourselves


Hiscox’s Renovations and Extensions insurance is a very particular product – therefore it required a very particular property to showcase its value. The ambitious, discerning homeowners we needed to appeal to are often hard to find, the right (media) property didn’t exist, so we had to build it from the ground up.

The Idea

We brought in Channel 4 to do precisely that. We built ‘Best Laid Plans’ - a TV show with the style and integrity of Grand Designs, but focused on upmarket renovations rather than new builds; the type of homes Hiscox insures. Jointly funded by Hiscox and C4, Best Laid Plans was broadcast in the core property time slot of Saturday evenings and the centrepiece of an integrated campaign.


We’ve built a real property to be proud of. The series delivered a total of 4.2m impacts and 56% ABC1 adult profile (3% higher than C4 slot average). 54% of viewers enjoyed getting inspiration from the show. Best Laid Plans drove product interest as traffic to the Hiscox Renovations & Extensions website rose by 108%.