BloomWild White

Fuelling the next stage of growth

Shaping Bloom & Wild's successful return to the TV with the effective use of ATL media.


Bloom and Wild's business grew tall with its impressive Letterbox Flowers product, and they wanted to test whether TV could efficiently fuel the next stage of growth. Bloom and Wild had trialled a TV first in 2016 without desired success so we had to be very careful returning to the medium as investors would be unlikely to give it a third chance.


As an agency, we’re proud of our inventiveness, but we're also proud to switch to operating with the level of discipline required to offer the best acquisition activity going. We worked closely with our pals TVSquared, using their suite of offline / online attribution tools to ensure we knew exactly how each spot, channel or daypart contributed to our acquisition efficiency. Our close relationship with the TV sales houses allowed us to get more optimisations delivered than most, increasing our airtime in our core dayparts vs natural delivery by 112%. This maximised the advantage we took from TVSquared’s results and allowed us to shape our schedule around the most effective airtime on a very granular basis.


It worked fantastically well. Our CPR was 43% lower than our original target and we overdelivered on orders by 71%. As a result the client was able to scale budgets significantly, spending c. 200% more by the final month of the year vs eight months earlier.