Britain Get Talking

The Grand Prix winning campaign to encourage the nation to reconnect through ground-breaking disruptive media


During recent years there has been a huge focus on raising awareness for Mental Health issues, however there has been little done on maintaining 'mental wellness' - such as maintaining your physical health. Studies have shown a 48% rise in anxiety and depression amongst teenagers over the past 15 years. This, alongside the knowledge that families spend just 34 minutes per day connecting, highlights a major issue we are facing. Our task was to elicit a behaviour change through an ‘act’ and ‘educate’ approach by use of paid media, as part of ITV's Get Britain Talking Campaign, to encourage families to chat with one another to help improve our mental wellbeing.


ITV's ‘Get Britain Talking’ was a multi-faceted campaign which launched during Britain’s Got Talent Champions live final - disrupting the show by pausing it for 1 minute to allow families to reconnect. This was continued across owned media, an ad break takeover, and ITV programming. We encouraged our audience to ‘act’ and reconnect with disruptive media placements during shared family moments, such as listening to the radio together, and isolated moments such as social media. We educated our audience on mental wellness by producing long form content in quality environments with a Guardian partnership. We also created a bespoke Origami paper tech pull out which families could make a chatterbox that included tips around starting conversations with loved ones. This was further supported across social encouraging users to switch off and get talking.


This was a unique campaign to start a conversation and spur behavioural change around mental wellness, which had a huge impact. 43% of those that saw or heard the campaign got in touch with family and friends to reconnect – equating to over 3 million people. 2.8million people said they had started a conversation, or had a more meaningful conversation, with their children, family and friends as a result of seeing the initiative. With a total of 4.5 million people stating that they would prioritise talking and listening having seen the campaign. We smashed all media benchmarks and gained a huge amount of positive sentiment. Not to mention this campaign won the 2020 Media Week Awards Grand Prix!