Cazoo, Who to Hero

Launching the UK's biggest ever start-up


How do you get someone to spend an average of nearly £14,000 on a car they’ve never seen, from a brand they’ve never heard of, over the internet?


We created a simple three stage strategy to launch the brand: Announce>Explain>Entice. Announce focused on building rapid brand fame at scale, helping Cazoo feel big, modern and legitimate. Explain reinforced the key problems which Cazoo’s online only model was solving and Entice redirected active buyers away from traditional used car retailers.


Cazoo’s first brand tracking results smashed all expectations! This rapid success contributed to Cazoo raising additional VC funding, taking its total funding to over £180m to date. We launch was so successful it picked up industry awards at the Media Week Awards, Effie Awards and an IPA Effectiveness Award!