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Celebrity Cruises ‘A taste for travel’ & News UK

Highlighting Celebrity Cruises’ culinary credentials to appeal to a ‘yet to cruise’ audience.


To broaden the understanding of Celebrity Cruises’ offering by appealing to a ‘yet to cruise’ audience, whilst simultaneously attracting affluent, existing cruisers who are ‘new to brand’. The ‘Taste for Travel’ partnership with The Times (News UK) achieved this by highlighting Celebrity Cruise’s culinary credentials and showcasing the exceptional customer service available on board their ships.


Bespoke co-branded “A Taste for Travel” content in the form of print advertorials, interactive digital articles and video, was distributed across the most relevant platforms in The Times portfolio. Well-respected, ‘cruise sceptic’ TV food personalities, Selasi Gbormittah and Rebecca Seal explored the culinary experience onboard a Celebrity Cruise and provided an authentic voice, expert advice and inspiration for The Times readers throughout the 7-month partnership.


Readers who recalled the campaign were 129% more likely to claim Celebrity Cruises as one of their favorite cruise companies, 84% more likely to consider booking a cruise with Celebrity, and 124% more likely to recommend Celebrity Cruises, then pre-readers. Furthermore, the co-branded ‘A Taste for Travel’ content was described as ‘high quality’, ‘informative’ and ‘well presented’.