Discover Weekly


To promote the Discover Weekly function in a way that would impress, entertain and make consumers want to try a fantastic algorithm led piece of tech for themselves. We had to deliver this in a way that kept the joy of music at the heart of the campaign.

The Idea

‘Curator’s vs Computers’ Working with The Guardian, we created an 8 weeks’ programme where we pitched music journalists against Discover Weekly to create playlists for selected people from which they would reflect on the outcomes. We also used Spotify’s open source data to allow readers to find out what their most listened to genres of music were.


Aside from 100k Unique Users and huge average dwell time of 3mins, the biggest positive for was the way in which we were able to work with Spotify’s open source data platform to create a truly useful, informative piece of tech that helped 30,000+ readers to find out what music they are really into.