Dr Martens

Dr. Martens Kyra TV partnership

Showing the cool kids how DMs can be ‘Worn Different’


Dr. Martens are a brand that have a storied history of being closely associated with alternative fashion, music and youth subculture. The downside of this is that the product has become ‘typecast’ in a sense; with the average consumer having cemented assumptions of the boots & shoes as only being wearable by punks/rockers/people with alternative senses of fashion.

The Idea

DMs wanted to shift perceptions away from the idea that DMs shoes & boots are ‘only for punks’ by showing how DMs can be ‘Worn Different’ (the AW18 campaigns slogan). Thus our task was to demonstrate the breadth of different ways the DMs product can be worn and styled. But we needed to do demonstrate this to DMs core audience in an authentic and credible way, so we partnered with Kyra TV, a video content publisher who create an online video series called PAQ, where four fashionistas/influencers take on weekly outfit/fashion challenges, with the winner being selected by a celebrity judge. We commissioned a bespoke episode called ‘Slide Into My DMs’ where the PAQ cast were challenged to create and style 4 distinct outfits based on a pair of DMs. The video was hosted on the PAQ YouTube channel and was amplified via paid and an organic social across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


The campaign drove great results across the board: - 1 mil + video views with an average watch time of 17.9 minutes (4 minutes higher than the PAQ channel average) - 7m+ impressions driving our audience to watch the hero video. - 116,472 engagements with a 99.5% positive sentiment. - A brand uplift study showed the likelihood to buy Dr. Martens products almost doubled between the non-exposed and exposed sample.