Back to Mine with Dunelm

A Grand Prix winning campaign to launch ITV’s first AFP in 10 years, Dunelm invited home lovers Back to Mine, a dating show with a twist.


Dunelm, had a reputation as home retailer of choice for functional purchases (pillows, cushions & duvets), however to sell more stylish, bigger ticket products they had to change perceptions demonstrating how your home is an expression of your personality. Dunelm was also missing out on affluent, pre family couples who have cash to splash on their homes, consumers who have the lowest share of Dunelm’s customer base but the highest average annual homeware spend. Therefore Dunelm needed to attract these new customers whilst changing brand perceptions.

The Idea

ITV provided an exciting new route to form an emotional connection to this audience, the success of Take Me Out, Love Island and First Dates, showed there is a demand for dating content on TV. This combined with the truth that ‘It takes just seven seconds to judge a person on first appearance, but even less when judging them based on their home’, inspired us to create Back To Mine, an original reality-dating show, hosted by Rochelle Humes, that invited singletons to pick a partner based on their home.


Back To Mine was a TV success, reaching over 4.2 million TV viewers and a further 175,000 online. The show successfully changed brand perceptions with an increase of 13% for ‘quality products’ and 10% for stylish products. The show, partnered with our TV campaign increased sales by 10% YoY and footfall by 3.7%. Results were so positive that the love affair continues with series two currently underway. Not to mention this campaign won the 2019 Media Week Awards Grand Prix!