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Eat. Play. Love.

Social-first Sensory Food Stories


Ella’s Kitchen was on a mission to improve children’s lives by developing a healthy relationship with food. This involved flipping the adage, “Don’t play with your food” through our campaign “Eat. Play. Love.” Research showed that sensory food play led to an increase in willingness for little ones to try, and subsequently, fall in love, with fruit and veg. “Play” was an important message that we needed to share with parents and carers, however, social content often adds to the pressure of parenting. We needed an approach that playfully reached, and not preached, to parents


We created a series of sensory social-first stories, for Instagram Stories, which evolved the sacred story time moment between a parent and child and translated it into a playful mealtime moment. Our audience was able to follow the adventures of the “Carrot That Could”, “The Banana That Became Brave”, and “The Broccoli Who Wondered Who To Be”, whilst embracing the joys of sensory food play. As parents follow our narrated story, sensory food cues encourage little ones to play with their food sparking their senses (and imagination) and encouraging a healthier, happier, relationship with fruit and veg.


The campaign is currently live, so whilst we are yet to see the completed results, the results so far are tracking to be impressive. We are tracking at an average reach of circa 24k, with “The Carrot That Could”, reaching 64k so far, with 83 likes, 19 saves, and counting!