Ecover’s ‘Join the #REFILLUTION’

Helping to prevent plastic ending up in the sea, by throwing plastic into the sea.


As our oceans become poisoned by plastic, people are becoming increasingly passionate and vocal about saving our planet. This cultural movement has been accelerated by heart-breaking scenes in Planet Earth and Blue Planet alike, with the latter generating a huge spike in social conversation. The launch of David Attenborough’s Our Planet on Netflix was expected to do the same. Our brief was to propose social ideas that would allow Ecover to tap into conversation around the show itself in a way that would capture people’s imagination, while not being too preachy.

The Idea

We pushed for a bold, ballsy idea that would showcase Ecover’s eco-friendly credentials while entertaining at the same time. Our idea was born out of the question: “12.7m tonnes of plastic waste was dumped in the sea last year, how would you react if it happened right in front of you?” So, with the help of our man Thomas, we threw a load of plastic into the ocean and captured people’s reactions. Their stunned responses helped to create an emotive and entertaining film that encouraged viewers to reconsider their purchase behaviour and ‘rethink, recycle and refill’.


Across owned and earned channels the content reached over 1.2 million people, amassing over 30k views on organic platforms alone. All on a modest budget. Being bold delivered the numbers, and then some.