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Ecover Laundry Against Landfill



Ecover launched ‘Bio Laundry’, an innovative product, which specifically rejuvenates clothing and saves them from becoming landfill. We needed to make people care about preserving their clothes, rather than just washing them, by purchasing a product nearly twice the price of competitors, which meant overcoming the perception that green, doesn’t clean.


Our idea, Laundry Against Landfill, identified 5m people who live eco-consciously but weren’t buying Ecover, but we had to educate them about wasteful wearing. We campaigned across TV, social media, and OOH. We developed two fauxgrammes, starring Professor Green and Dawn O’Porter, telling viewers about their favourite clothes, why preserving them mattered, and the value of buying second-hand. During London Fashion Week 2020, we visually protested fast fashion using gritty fly poster sites rather than glossy large formats.


Ecover’s penetration jumped from 7.7% to 8.4%, the equivalent of 246,800 new households making a more sustainable product choice. Ecover’s spontaneous awareness as ‘the most sustainable laundry brand’ increased by more than 8% to become the highest in the category by 23%. Thanks to our campaign, we estimate that 7.5m people promised to change how they care for clothes and 4.5m now consider new clothes more consciously and consider buying second hand.