From Mattress Seller to Sleep Wellness Brand

How we took eve Sleep from selling mattresses to being an authority on sleep wellness


Competitor clutter meant DRTV was no longer efficient and wasn't helping eve Sleep to broaden their positioning from mattress seller to purpose-driven brand. Working with the insight that Sunday nights are statistically the worst for getting a good night’s sleep, due to less routine at weekends and more work worries, we needed to increase brand engagement and eve Sleep’s profile as a champion of sleep.


We partnered with Channel 4 and Creature to tackle these sleepless Sunday Nights with a strategy to get the nation into bed. We launched with a world-first night-mode ad break takeover, featuring five other partner brands, and continued our campaign with a long-term commitment to “switching off” on Sunday nights with TV Test card inspired creative across Channel 4, OOH and even the eve Sleep website.


Our new approach created the biggest leap in awareness and consideration eve Sleep had ever seen, and the months following this investment saw record profitability performance at £4m, and a 30% increase in gross sales, securing a Gold Effie Award.