Eve Sunday Night Sleep

A Sunday night takeover featuring a world-first ad break to nudge the nation into getting a good night’s sleep


Eve is on a journey from D2C mattress seller to a multi-faceted sleep wellness brand. World Sleep day is a great opportunity to cement that positioning with inventive activity that goes beyond advertising to disrupt (calmly of course) the consumer and genuinely aid a good night sleep.


Sunday is statistically the worst day of the week for getting a good night’s sleep so we created the world’s first Sunday night TV takeover to nudge the nation into getting a good sleep in partnership with Channel 4. We removed the blue light from all the ads, as this is what can stop people getting off to sleep. The first ad break introduced the Eve Night mode take over, with sleep tips from eve. We even got other partners on board to adjust their adverts too with the likes of Calpol, Listerine, The AA, Velux and Cazoo all removing the blue light. We then turned the next break (end break of Homeland) into the ‘wind down and go to bed’ break showing extended footage of people sleeping calmly.


We increased engagement and got the nation talking about healthy sleep. Social mentions were 250% higher than their weekend average. The Dream Quiz drove 9.5x more responses than anticipated, providing eve with valuable data. We also delivered higher value, sleep conscience new customers to Eve. They saw their highest YoY conversion from site session into sale for this time period. Eve also saw a 63% uplift in Conversion Rate from 2018, resulting in Gross Sales per visit up 30% from 2018.