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Building Habito’s brand

Building on Habito's brand with specific targeting led to their single biggest business day ever


Without doubt, Habito made a brilliant start on their brand building journey. Uncommon Studios provided plenty of incredibly creative executions that broke the mould and the first burst of significant TV investment had moved the dial significantly. But, as an early stage business, funds were scarce for a second burst so we had to find an alternative approach. We needed to carry on building brand momentum but with a more specific group of people to target.


Habito isn’t for everyone, and less financially confident consumers will still want to get a mortgage from a high street bank they already know. So targeting people with the right attitudinal profile as well as people who we had reason to believe might be coming into market was key. From a broad ABC1 approach we moved to a much more specific broadcast mix that allowed us to better focus on the core ‘Logistician’ target; we bought peak only on some stations and highly specific programmes on others, we also significantly increased our investment in VOD with all broadcasters to extend reach and add cost-effective frequency.


Towards the end of this campaign, Habito had their biggest single business day ever. If it’s hard to attribute that entirely to our work, we can certainly show that we built awareness far more efficiently than previously and drove a substantial reduction in CPA in their acquisition channels. We bought 37% less TVRs whilst delivering the same brand awareness, and our cost per awareness decreased by 11%.