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Harry’s & Shortlist Pride Edition

Creating the first ever Pride edition of Shortlist Magazine to celebrate individuality.


Harry’s brand values are about openness, inclusivity and acceptance. With the political and socio-cultural climate changing. attitudes towards sexuality have meant people feel less protected for being their true selves. Our task was to raise awareness of Harry’s & its ‘’& Proud’ campaign, cement their progressive brand values whilst driving sales of their limited edition, bespoke Pride razor.

The Idea

Pride in London provided the perfect occasion. We wanted to give our ‘& Proud’ message the scale and boldness it deserved. Simply badging Pride was not an option. We chose Shortlist as our partner, where we helped create their first ever Pride edition, with Harry’s at the heart. A 58 page glossy special that included Harry’s branding throughout (even on the editorial cover!), high impact display, advertorials, online video and social content that brought to life our individuality message.


The campaign left us feeling especially proud; more than 2/3s of Shortlist readers recalled the Harry’s Pride campaign; perceptions that the brand truly cares about the LGBTQI+ community increased by 11% and not only this, Harry's brand awareness rose by 7% amongst those who recalled the campaign. A pride to remember!