Hiscox Cyber Live

Building a hackable poster to demonstrate the danger of cyber attacks


We were taked with raising awareness of Hiscox's best in class cyber insurance product, which employs tech, legal and PR experts to quickly put SMEs back in business after a hack. Small business owners don't typically apprecaite the scale of the threat, thinking that it only happens to big business. It was our job to make the threat a reality.

The Idea

We wanted to pyhsically show how often cyber attacks were taking place on small businesses. So we created a 'honey pot' server that looked and behaved like that of one of our SME audience's systems. Then, we connected it to a network of large format digital OOH sites. Every time the server was hacked, our poster would react, the creative would be affected and the live counter would tick up.


Almost 200,000 hacks recorded over the course of a week, and a swathe of PR coverage including Campaign's ad of the day. Business results to follow with the arrival of the next brand tracker...