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ITV ‘Cheat’ & The Stylist Group

Creating obsession with a show that is about just that - obsession.


To successfully launch ITV’s new drama Cheat to a mass audience, maintain viewers throughout the week of transmission, and drive awareness of Cheat amongst light ITV viewers. The partnership also focussed on creating intrigue and obsession with the show, highlighting Cheat as a female fronted, modern thriller, while working to further increase the audience through the boxset offering, via ITV Hub.


The partnership provoked the audience’s curiosity by amplifying the themes of obsession and paranoia with content that both educated and investigated how and why such emotions are created, in real life and in the show. A combination of online advertorial and video content generated intrigue around the new drama and encouraged Stylist readers to tune in throughout the week of transmission.


A combined 5.1 million people watched the first episode, with Cheat smashing the average viewing figures for its 9pm-10pm timeslot. The partnership delivered Stylist’s 2nd best performing social post and commercial video view-through-rate in the publication’s history. The 4-page bound-in, designed to emulate the show’s university context, was so effective in driving awareness it received immediate, overwhelming interest from competitors looking to replicate the format.