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ITV ‘Vanity Fair’ & The Stylist Group

Showcasing Vanity Fair’s confident and contemporary approach to costume drama.


To successfully promote the launch of Vanity Fair, emphasising it as a modern, vibrant and humorous style period drama and develop ITV’s reputation for quality, unmissable drama amongst the hard to reach, light ITV viewer audience.


By partnering with Stylist magazine, we were able to convey Vanity Fair’s modern approach to costume drama; confident and contemporary. This was achieved by creating content that encouraged the Stylist audience to relate to central character Becky Sharp, and feel transported into her world through a period-style cover wrap and by making over the famous ‘Style List’ section using a nineteenth century creative.


The first episode of Vanity Fair drew an impressive 5.45 million UK viewers, while 72,321 unique users viewed the partnerships online articles, a 723% increase from the predicted KPI; 10,000 UUs. One article, ‘I lived like a woman from the 1800s for a week’, received the highest number of unique users, dwell time and CTR on a commercial article in Stylist history!