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Serving Smiles

Lifting spirits and serving smiles, in the toughest of years.


Krispy Kreme’s purpose has always remained the same: to serve smiles. During the first lockdown in March 2020, Krispy Kreme, like most businesses all over the country, closed their shops to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff and consumers. But we were determined to find as many ways as possible to play a small role in helping lift the spirits of their followers on social as well as give a big, dough-nutty thank you to all of those working tirelessly to keep us safe.


While their stores were shut, Krispy Kreme focused on delivering free doughnuts to NHS staff working tirelessly against the pandemic. Alongside this, we, working closely with the Krispy Kreme social team, delivered an ongoing programme of social content dedicated to serving smiles, from asking people to nominate their local heroes to receive free doughnut drops and designing doughnuts to show support for the NHS, to providing entertaining, boredom-busting content whilst the nation was stuck at home.


As a result of the sustained always-on campaign of serving smiles for Krispy Kreme’s followers, there was a significant uplift in social performance in 2020. Facebook's average organic reach increased by 15% YoY and its engagement rate increased by 41% YoY. Over on Instagram, average organic reach increased by 31% YoY and engagement rate/CER rate increased by 26% YoY.