Life Is What You Make It

Bringing Kopparkeg to life on Facebook, the fånga dagen way


As Kopparberg’s social agency, our task was to help maintain brand love amongst drinkers by delivering year-round engagement through a series of social activations. One such activation was around the hugely popular Kopparkeg. After selling out in a matter of weeks, we decided to give away the last few in a way that embodied Kopparberg’s brand proposition: fånga dagen (“life is what you make it”).

The Idea

Our idea was born from the insight that 85% of video views on Facebook happen without sound. So we decided to reward those people who do bother to listen, the 15% who live life the fånga dagen way. We shot a simple, subtitle-free film where little happens on the surface, but when viewed with sound, revealed something very special – the chance to win one of those last Kopparkegs by simply commenting beneath with the words “I hear you”.


This campaign was hugely successful in capturing people’s imagination as they began to discover and share the hidden competition. Over 50k users engaged with the post and the high volume of shares helped ensure an overall reach of over 3 million. All on a total budget of less than £5k.