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method ‘Drag Cleans’ & The Stylist Group

Celebrating method’s partnership with the LGBT Foundation with the fabulous ‘Drag Cleans’ ambassadors and establishing method as the most colourful and effective household cleaning brand


The cleaning category is full of toxic stereotypes and archaisms, *insert frustrated looking housewife scrubbing a floor*, and method wanted to break through this and continue to establish themselves as the leading sexy, colourful and effective household cleaning brand. To do this we were tasked with driving awareness of method’s product range and their long-term partnership with the LGBT Foundation, supporting the promotion of method’s inclusive brand values.


We partnered with The Stylist Group, allowing us to team up and run in-depth interviews with method’s 7 fabulous ‘Drag Cleans’ ambassadors to help challenge toxic cleaning stereotypes. The partnership also included online articles celebrating drag culture, as well as advertorial pages showcasing each ambassador with a matching method product. This was further amplified through the use of huge *spangly* special builds so they could slay in an even bigger way, along with high reaching motion digital of our drag queens and bespoke digital 6-sheets. We worked with PinkNews to reach out to the LGBT+ community, discussing the partnership with the LGBT Foundation and emphasising the continued support to defy tired gender stereotypes on multiple levels.


The results were fabulous, with brand awareness within the target audience doubling. Our article trended on PinkNews and beat all benchmarks. The Stylist partnership ran across two of ten guest editor weeks (introduced to celebrate Stylist’s 10th birthday), featuring both Jameela Jamil and Billie Piper. We overdelivered on all benchmarks with online advertorials by +203% and delivered significant extra value in print. In store, 45% of customers during the campaign were new to the brand and 10% came back to purchase again in the following three weeks and we doubled normal recruitment. So we really did challenge the status quo in a homogenous category, drive strong business results and help people mop it like its hot!