A Consistent and Committed OOH Presence


After a significant period of going dark because of the energy crisis, OVO finally returned to spend this year. Following our advice for consistency and commitment to the right weights to drive brand metrics, we created a plan of heavy investment in London and key cities using digital screens and electric vehicles and they’ve seen positive uplifts in their key KPI Spontaneous awareness.


From Brand messaging to Product, OVO has fully utilised the digital capability of programmatic OOH. Including our most recent campaign, Power Move. This product financially rewards customers for using energy at times when the grid is low on carbon, insight accessed by customers via their app. We took this product to prospective customers, in a credible way that helps OVO live its brand promise of reducing the carbon impact of its advertising while showing customers that greener times on the grid can result in financial benefits. Which is a very neat way of dramatising product benefits. The truly clever part is something we have been wanting to develop for well over a year. We built a custom API with our sister digital agency, Assembly, using national grid data for the first time in this way. The data is broken down by the different types of energy powering the grid at any given moment. We applied a bidding system that allows us to kick in programmatic OOH and bespoke creative at times when the grid is greenest. We are now in the process of rolling out this technology across all digitised media. The exciting thing here is that we are actively helping OVO tangibly reduce their carbon usage in advertising which we will be able to quantify over time, and really delivering on its promise of being a green tech home services brand.


With impressive results and surging confidence in spending, when we approached OVO about taking the brand new (currently being built) digital screen at Euston Motion, they jumped at the opportunity. This impressive site serves as a gateway to the north, servicing areas that OVO want to increase penetration, and provides the ideal platform to communicate the wider parts of the OVO business (beyond product and brand) such as the entertainment experience at The OVO Hydro in Glasgow. The biggest site in Europe, it will also integrate our green tech used to power our current OOH and is an ideal platform for current consumer reassurance and retention messaging.