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People-People Banking With Metro Bank


With high awareness but low consideration across London and the Southeast, our challenge was to raise Metro Bank’s profile by driving footfall into stores, so that they could show people why they are the People-People bank.


There were three key planning principles shaped our approach. The first was the stature of the campaign; we wanted to achieve premium, bold, and confident media placements. The second principle concerned the substance of the campaign, where our aim was to build an emotive connection through AV/longer dwell time formats. The final planning principle was scale, where the aim was to achieve disproportionate reach & frequency to drive fame on a local level.


Awareness and consideration metrics increased significantly with colleague pride at an all-time high. New account openings were recorded at their highest ever for the three-month campaign period. Our work generated a 20% increase in brand familiarity as well as 650+ conversions recorded in PPC alone. Further to this, 30% of customers recalled seeing the ad on YouTube and the campaign went on to win awards with Media Week Award and Marketing Society in 2022.