Repositioning An Anytime Snack

Bringing little loaves to the big screen to solve a big problem


Think of Soreen and you immediately think of a mid-afternoon snack in your grandparents’ living room. Our brief was to overturn this outdated perception and revitalise the brand through new flavours, products, and occasions beyond tea time. Realising the product speaks best for itself when tasted, we turned our media brief into a sampling brief.

The Idea

We strategised to get people to try Soreen in unexpected places, where less healthy alternatives were the snacking norm, and on-the-go parents needed to satisfy suddenly starving kids to avert disaster. Cinema ticked all the boxes, so we partnered with DCM to make Soreen Lunchbox Loaves the sponsor of Odeon’s Kids Club. Over six weekends we distributed over 249,000 samples.


Our campaign dramatically changed the perception of an 80-year-old brand. After the campaign, our audience thought of Soreen as a “healthier brand than others” (+32%), “Versatile snack” (+40%) and “suitable for all occasions” (+28%). We also increased brand consideration by 12%.