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Mind the Generation Gap

Partnering with The Guardian to show great music has no age limit


The Spotify Family Plan has been key in driving growth for the brand. Our challenge was to boost awareness levels and differentiate Spotify from similar services, connect with families and position Spotify as the only streaming service for them.

The Idea

With the blending of sub-cultures, galvanised by the internet revolution we are no longer musically defined by decades or our age (thank god)! Our idea was to celebrate this democratisation of taste, using real Spotify data. Partnering with The Guardian we created ‘Mind the generation gap,’ a bespoke content series across online and print, written by music journalists who are also parents.


Our partnership closed the gap in awareness of the family plan, with an increase in awareness of the family plan from 27% to 37%. We were able to attribute direct signups from the activity with 10% conversion rate of those clicking through from the Guardian activity. Differentiation of the brand improved by 54% amongst readers, most of which would now subscribe and recommend the family plan.