The Anamorphic Project


Our challenge was to launch Kopparberg’s new fruit lager into the UK. A challenge made bigger as the brand was so well known for producing and distributing fruit cider.

The Idea

Taking inspiration from artists who play with perspective in their work, we created an anamorphic illusion that helped our audience see Kopparberg from a different angle. The illusion came via a 3m tall mirrored Kopparberg bottled which deciphered what was otherwise a completely distorted image on the floor into a fruit lager inspired piece of art.


We directly reached 100,000 people across two days in Shoreditch but the unique concept and social amplification meant we delivered 9m eyeballs across social and PR. Crucially we helped drive a fantastic launch for Kopparberg fruit lager resulting in us outselling our nearest competitors NPD in the crucial summer period.