The Gym

The Gym Group Case Study

One detailed case study to demonstrate your experience in planning multiple small, individual product campaigns integrated with brand activity


We needed a strategy that would work both nationally and regionally (mothership). This strategy would also need to satisfy their aggressive business targets as well as launch a new brand campaign to the masses. The Gym Group had no previous experience of national media campaigns outside of digital and with deficits in the bank following a large acquisition they were about to make, there would be resistance to both increasing media budget as well as straying too far from the channel mix they were familiar with. However, to deliver business targets, successfully launch 15 gyms as well as a category-defining brand campaign, they needed to branch into the unknown to bring in new customers as well as capitalise on the hot prospects in the market.

The Idea

Optimised bottom-up planning and regional targeting drove efficiencies in delivering business targets and de-risked investment into building the brand. This combined with early meetings with their soon-to-be-appointed creative agency meant we could feed our strategy into their work (including social listening and audience data) which helped informed the ‘So I Can’ campaign (media and creative working in harmony).


CPAs on brand and generic terms in our first 6 months or YoY in Jan/Feb. The Gym Group gained their best sales day EVER in January. Impact on brand health measures (Brand Index). Social listening/engagement data