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Motivating the Gymtimidated

Against the trend of the low-cost gym category, we helped launch The Gym Group's first ever brand campaign


January is to fitness what December is to retail – with 54% of annual spend occurring in the first two months of the year. To match the increased investment in advertising budget, we were targeted with delivering a 20% YoY increase in new members – the most ambitious target ever set by the business. This was also their first ever ATL media campaign, including their first time use of TV, so being Goodstuff, we knew we had to be Inventive.


Over 26m people in the UK want to join the gym but are too intimidated. So, we turned our 'So I Can' campaign’s focus to grow the category with new members - motivating the gymtimidated. Our media behaviour took a counter category approach by investing over 2/3s of our budget into brand ATL media channels, to distinguish us against the DR investment of our direct competitor – Pure Gym.


Our launch campaign was the most successful start to the year in the business’s 11-year history, and we delivered a +29% YoY increase in new members, beating our target by 5.5%. We achieved our top #2 biggest ever days for membership sales and helped bring in more sales than The Gym Groups' rivals Pure Gym, and if that weren't enough, we doubled their revenue, despite Pure Gym having 230 gyms vs. The Gym Groups 156. Finally, a 51% uplift in branded searches and 36% increase in website sessions YoY.