The Gym

The Gym Group’s Movember Campaign

In the second year as a partner of Movember, The Gym aimed to raise £100,000


The Gym Group was coming into their second year as a key partner of Movember and they wanted to more than double their fundraising target to £100,000 (last year they raised £52,000).

The Idea

Our media approach was 2 pronged; 1) boosting our organic social posts designed to rally our members while also reaching a wider audience by putting paid behind selected posts 2) driving donations and engagement with our current members across performance channels. By focusing predominantly on social this allowed us to be flexible with spend and move between the lines of brand and performance in order to drive the best results.


The campaign overall raised £112,203 for Movember, surpassing the £100k target. On top of this, the £6forabro offer closed the membership gap by over 60% for 2018. Across our organic channels, we achieved an organic reach of 569k with our strongest content showcasing our members getting involved with the challenges. Goodstuff also got involved with the cause and raised an amazing £2,273 for this wonderful cause.