The Recycling Rig

The sound system powered by good vibes


Kopparberg is synonymous with summer days in the park with your friends. Sadly, the results of these park revellers can often be seen in the masses of rubbish left behind. So the brand decided to take a stand, issuing us the challenge to solve this issue under the banner of their core belief ‘Fånga Dagen’ (life is what you make it).

The Idea

With our allied agencies, we helped Kopparberg bring a party with purpose to the park. Introducing the Recycling Rig - a sound system on an upcycled truck built with reclaimed wood, powered by people's empties. The Rig toured hand selected East London parks over August, culminating in a talent-fuelled party over the bank holiday weekend. Content from the tour was amplified online to increase awareness.


We involved 2.3m drinkers, getting them to think differently about the impact they have when drinking outdoors. The campaign created a national talking point, drawing headlines from the likes of the Daily Mail and Talking Retail.